Coffee Pot Cooking: Proof of Concept


Now by training, vocation and avocation I am a scientist who believes that hacking is a legitimate scientific method so long as results are documented and reproducible by others who follow your methodology.  In choosing my first meal it’s only fitting that I chose one of my diseased wife’s favorite lunchtime meals. While she was alive, I rarely ever ate an egg salad sandwich because I usually skipped lunch and she wanted something more substantial for dinner. After 42 years of marriage, we had learned to live with each other’s individual choices particularly when there was no reason to argue.   

My first step was to buy a 12 cup coffee maker which would be about the right size for a dinner meal – a little larger than a sauce crock pot and a little smaller than a real one and equally cheap.  We both had 4 cup coffee makers, mine for tea and hers for coffee, but they seemed a little small for anything other than oat meal.  That assumption turned out not quite true.   While I love to cook, I am currently so busy running her business that I can’t spend all day watching  a pot so cooking times must be flexible.  That assumption was true. It’s a lot safer to leave a coffee pot turned on than it is to leave a pot simmering on a stove.  It’s also less likely to burn the food.  

Step 1, Put the eggs in the pot.  

Eggs in the Coffee POt  

Step 2. Let cook all day  

Watching the eggs cook.

Step 3. Check the temperature with a laser Thermometer  


Step 4, select your roll  


Step 5, Mix the ingredients.  


Step 6, Line roll with lettuce, stuff with egg salad and top with paprika  


Step 7, Enjoy with wine  


Step 8, Best Part, No mess to clean.  



2 hardboiled eggs, chopped with knife in bowl.  

1 Tablespoon mayonnaise  

2 Tablespoons  Dijon Mustard  

1/2 onion chopped fine  

1/2 celery stalk chopped fine (optional)  

salt and pepper to taste (I skipped the salt)  

Line roll with lettuce, stuff with egg salad and garnish with paprika.


2 eggs 66 cents  

1 dinner roll 33 cents  

Dijon Mustard 20 cents  

mayonnaise 5 cents  

Onion 10 cents  

Total less than $1.50  

 Local restaurant cost $5 to $7.50  

Health Concerns:  

Notice I dumped 2/3 of the mayonnaise for Dijon mustard even though it cost more. One tablespoon of mayonnaise is 90 calories with all from fat. The Dijon mustard has 30 calories and no fat.   Eggs have about 200 calories each with 130 from fat or 400 calories with 260m calories of fat.  The are extremely high in chlesterol with two eggs giving you about 4 times the daily requirement. But that may not be entirely true as recent research says eggs are healthy if used in moderation.  The dinner roll added another 267 calories with 50 more from fat. Since this meal provides 71% of the daily requirement for fat, it’s not exactly diet food but since it was the only other thing I ate except for my multivitamin  and calcium tablet and two cups of dry Cheerios, I am not surprised I lost a pound for the day despite washing it down with a bottle of wine.  (1000 calories) 

Well at this point I would have to say Coffee Pot Cooking is safe and extremely easy to clean up after. It also takes less effort than watching a pot on the stove to make sure it doesn’t boil over and running back after 15 minutes to turn it off. 


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    […] The last time I did egg salad was last year so I am not too stressed about overloading on fat, carbs and cholesterol as the total meal comes in at 1000 calories and as pointed out in that post, the new evidence suggests that eggs in moderation are not unhealthy. Besides as pointed out in that post, the total meal is cheep costing less than $1.50. […]

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