I didn't invent Coffee Pot Cooking!


If you do a Google search for “Coffee Pot Cooking”, you find  entries dating back to 2005.  There may be earlier entries and I’d love to see them but a cursory search didn’t find them.   There are  two big issues I see with the current state of the art:

  1.  I don’t consider ramen noodles a primary food group nor do I consider preparing them as cooking.  (I may make an exception to instant oat meal but thats easier to make in a bowl.)
  2.  The other issue is that much of the feedback to articles is negative,  based on unknown fears  and usually wrong.  This is good for me as it allows me to address the fears at the time I post a blog.

As will be developed in this blog, I love food, real gourmet food, and have been cast into circumstances that require me to learn to cook for one person,  lose 35 pounds, and keep it off. Also, I hope to develope a set of recipes that don’t junk up the refrigerator with leftovers.  For every meal, I intend to calculate the cost, and evaluate the nutritional value and calorie count.  Even when I purposely choose an unhealthy meal because of a craving for some recipe from my youth or the testing of a revolution recipe, I will document the damage to my diet.  Fortunately, I love fresh fruit and vegetables so they are naturally a part of my diet and should balance unhealthy meals once in a while.

While my purpose for this blog is to create a body of knowledge in cooking for one so that I eat a variety of flavorful balanced meals, I recognize saving money will be a goal for many people on a limited budget and will provide a cost estimate based on the higher side of convenance store pricing.  I assume that if you live anywhere other than the inner city your cost per meal will probably be lower so this is just a guideline. 

Bon Appetite!

Or as one of the kids used to say when asked to deliver grace:

Good Food; Good Meat; Good Lord; Let’s eat!

References of Interest:

September 13th, 2005 This is the first reference that I found and prepares Ramen noodles.

February 20, 2007 This is definitely fine dining uses both coffee pot and iron. Not sure about iron but every comment is negative.

26-May-2007 This elicited a rather negative response for a request for information on the topic and a debate about sanity ensues.

2008-12-01  This WikiHow Featured Article started a 18 month debate on the ethics (misusing shared property for a non intended use) and the  safety of coffee pot cooking. 

April 28th, 2009 A nice gourmet recipe for pesto chicken and no negative responses.

Aug 26, 2009 This is a very bland recipe that elicited many negative comments with unwarranted concerns for safety.


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One Response to “I didn't invent Coffee Pot Cooking!”

  1. Gourmet Meal Says:

    Return the noodles to the pot and add the vegetables, sauce, chicken and basil to the pasta in the pot.

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