Best Reason for Coffee Pot Cooking


The single best reason for Coffee Pot Cooking is I am down 10 pounds for the week.  Thats right I have hit the big 230 which is only 31 pounds away from a $10,000 goal my son-in-law has set for me and at 205 my daughter will let me take my granddaughters to space camp.  I am very definitely stoked. Although honestly, the ease of clean up is a very close second to the loss of weight.

The biggest reason I am loosing weight is not because I am eating truly healthy foods (although they are not too bad) and besides I take a multivitamin, a calcium tablet and 2 cups of dry Cheerios every morning so I pretty much have all the vitamins and minerals I need for the whole day.   I believe the biggest reason for the weight loss is the meal is ready when I am hungry and there are no leftovers to eat at any other time of the day.  I mean when you go to a restaurant, there are always leftovers or you feel a little cheated and everybody knows it’s a sin to waste that food so you take it home.  If I have to cook for an hour when I am hungry, I will cook too much and eat leftovers while I am doing it.  With the coffeepot method, it is ready when you are hungry.  I prepare the meal intelligently at 6 am when I am having my 2 cups of green tea and my two cups of dry Cheerios and when I get home between 3 pm and 6 pm depending on the day, I eat, then have my wine from moderate to excess and I’m still losing weight. 

The reason I am fat is that I ate and drank too much. The reason I lost weight last week is that I have cut back on food.  When I cut back to two glasses of red wine a day and start working out, I will really drop some weight and tone the body. 

I brought the 3 month Gym membership on December 3, but didn’t bother activating it nor did I start a diet.  The only goal I had for the holiday was not to gain weight which was actually easy because after cooking with my daughter for Thanksgiving and eating like a hog, I was at 243 pounds and pear-shaped so not gaining weight was no real challange. 

The weight loss and committment to a life style change are not a New Year’s Resolution but post widower changes in cooperation and with the love of my family in order to keep me alive and healthy so that I can  see my granddaughters have daughters without them getting pregnant at an unusually young age. Hopefully Iwill still be young enough to skip with a few of them.  Hell, the first one should be born about 20 years from now so that would only require me remembering how to skip when I’m 85. Since my daughter and granddaughters all skip with joy every time we get together, I don’t believe that they will allow me to forget  how to skip or  let me use a lame excuse like I am too old. 

We skip in malls, parking lots, museums, playgrounds and every place kids should be allowed to skip with joy.  The whole family including my niece, granddaughters daughter and myself skipped in the parking lot of the funeral home because it was impossible for the young girls to cry and skip at the same time.  We wanted the girls to celebrate a great life with good memories of Grammy.  We spent the rest of the day on the beach with 50 family members and  close friends and everyone was in and out of the sea and the pool.  It’s also hard to be sad when eating and soaking in the sea but the girls figured out that it’s possible to be happy and sad at the same time which is a lot better than depression.

Happy New Year to All.


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