New England Clam Chowder – Not From Scratch


One of the challenges in a long list of negative comments on the Wikihow article on coffeepot cooking  is to make New England Clam Chowder – From Scratch. Ok this is not from scratch but I defy anyone to find a safer or better method that will produce something edible after a long day of hard drinking.

I mean I was invited by Governor John DeJongh  to go to the Governors reviewing stand  to view the festival parade. I had not been out and about since my wife died so I knew I would see many who would offer condolences or who did know she had died or who had false information.  Well I had one heck of a breakfast to line my stomach and went off to face the crowds and drink Cruzan Gold Rum while watching the parade.  I knew I needed a meal waiting when I got home and also knew it might be 3-6 hours but never reamed it would be 7 hours later before I got home to eat.

Part of my reason for coffeepotcooking is that whatever I cooked needed a flexible cooking time and then I remembered the challenge by someone in the Wikihow article who wanted to do a New England Clam Chowder –  From Scratch.

Well face reality, if you can’t cook from a can, you can’t do it from scratch so I decided on  a lifelong friend, Campbell’s soup. I went out and bought a can of New England Clam chowder ($2.55)  and a quart of milk (on sale $1.00) and followed the recipe on the can but you can follow the recipe below.

Total cost $ 3.55 because I don’t drink milk and the leftover milk might go to waste.

Gather ingredients, put condensed soup in pot, add a can of milk, and thoroughly mix with spoon, fork or whisk. I used a spoon. Turn on pot and walk away.

After seven hours,  I checked the temperature to make sure nothing had gone wrong.

Poured  the content in a bowl added paprika and black pepper and ate the whole pot full in on sitting.

I think the reason that the milk didn’t scald or curdle was because a brown crust formed on the bottom of the pot.  I left it and just poured the soup into the bowl.  I put water in the pot and let it sit overnight – clean up was a breeze.

The nutrition facts:

The whole pot
Calories – 225

Calories from fat 65

Vitamin A – 0%
Vitamin C – 0%
Calcium – 5%
Iron – 10%


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