Revolution Foods


Survivalists and Mormons know about revolution foods and a full larder.  These are the foods that run around live in the backyard or were kept in a cool root cellar.  Contemporary  man is so used to refrigeration, that they are barely aware of what can survive without refrigeration and what will not.  Because of my Grandmother growing and preserving her own foods and because I live in a hurricane zone and have gone without electricity for six weeks, I have a full pantry and had so much reserves during one hurricane I was giving food to friends and neighbors.

Things that survive for months without refrigeration include:

Uncracked eggs.

Canned meats (Spam, tuna, corned beef, sardines, salmon etc.)

Cheese (canned or not) just cut all the mold off and eat the rest.

Canned vegetables

Root Cellar crops. Potatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, squash

Condiments: Mustard, relish, ketchup. and even mayonnaise

Salted or smoked meats. salt pork, salted beef, smoked ham hocks, smoked fish, salted fish

Some meats like smoked ham and beef will survive for a few days when removed from plastic, put on a clean plate and covered with a cloth to keep the bugs off, but you better cook them a long time. Survival foods will more than likely be cooked over an open fire or a camp stove instead of a coffee pot.

Now none of these may make your favorite foods list, but come the revolution, it’s good to know what will survive on the table top and what to cook right away and what to keep in the pantry if you live in a  flood or hurricane zone or if you think the end of civilization is near.  Also, it’s good to know how to cook it so it tastes like food instead of gut luggage that fills you.

Just because you have no power doesn’t mean you have to eat badly. Many of these items last longer when not refrigerated and others survive longer in the refrigerator, but in a bind you need good food.

It’s best to learn a little about revolution foods before you need them.


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