Jeri’s World Famous Curry


At a very young age Jerlyn Thomas is a very old friend. Seems the people I have know longer are starting to die so only young people I know for 10 years can be now classified as old friends. Not sure if that though classifies as morbid, ironic or not true because I have a wonderful family.

Oh well, Jeri as she is now called is a polymath who graduated from RIT in graphic design or new media design or some geeky thing and is now working in New York City and has her art posted at where she showcases some of the big names she has designed for and her personal blog is at

Now she uses her sites to document any and all new interests and when I told her I was working on Meals for One and Coffee Pot Cooking, it didn’t surprise me at all to find that she already had a personal recipe site and directed me to it ( to share her favorite meals. Her recipe for curry jumped at me and I was so excited to try it since I had all the ingredients on hand that I forgot about taking pictures of preparations or even the finished product until I ate over half the meal.

It was that good.

Trust me this is not a “meal for one”.

Rather than have leftovers in the refrigerator to tempt me, I took the small bowl of leftovers to work for my West Indian Coworkers to try and it was unanimous with the group. This was a great recipe and I had done a good enough job of following the recipe. The minor changes to make it in the Coffee Pot did not alter the taste. It was the real deal according to the ladies.

Once again the picture of the Curry is below and the recipe, cost and calories will follow. By the way. The rice is the microwave type in the package because I like good rice and am not yet ready to try Coffee Pot rice although I have read about it on the Internet.


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