Sausage, Peppers & Onions


This was one of my wife’s favorite instant meals. She prepared it on the stove top and served it as an open face sandwich with grated Parmesan on top. She sliced the sausage into ½ inch chunks so it would cook faster and the onions and peppers were still a little crisp. In actuality, if we were to list the ingredients by order of weight, it should really be called a stewed plum tomatoes, sausage, onion and pepper sandwich as there is more stewed tomatoes than anything else.

The first time I tried it in the Coffee Pot Cooker, I used really cheap sausage costing $1.50 for ½ pound (2 links). The sauce was absolutely fantastic and I ate everything including both sausage links. The problem with the cheap sausage was that it really didn’t add much in the way of flavor and it broke up as I transferred it from pot to sandwich.

The recipe couldn’t be easier. Place sausage, coarse chopped onion, and chopped pepper in the coffeepot, cover with a can of stewed plum tomatoes with basil and oregano. Sprinkle a little oregano and pepper on the top of the pot and turn it on.

Honestly, I have never tasted a better blending in of flavors and was sorry I used the cheap sausage. I did it over with good sausage and took good pictures of the process. This will be posted later along with the calories and cost as I catch up on writing and do meals a second or third time.

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