Revolution Foods, Starve or Suffer


The problem with revolution foods is that you have to make some difficult choices. I mean most of the things you make from unrefrigerated ingredients are the type of foods that poor people eat which will kill you. They are salted, smoked, canned or in some way preserved to last for an extended period of time without refrigeration.

This morning I got up starving after having a very extended happy hour and going to bed without dinner and of course got a craving for one of those meals that was quick, easy to cook, tasted good and would line my stomach. I pulled a 4 oz presliced pack of Spam from the freezer and had Spam and eggs with toast. The reason it was in the freezer is that once you open the can, it must be refrigerated or frozen.

I really don’t want to think about the calories, fat and cholesterol and since I will be covering the same ingredients in a future post on spambled eggs made in the coffee pot, I’ll skip it for now.

Suffice it to say you should only eat junk like this when you are hung over or have to spend long days in hot lines with equally smelly people after a natural disaster when no one else can bath or eat well.


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