Kraut with Class – Sauerkraut and Kielbasa


German Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, believed that “Germany is a great nation only because it’s people have so much Polish blood in their veins.” So who am I to argue. I am not a real fan of sauerkraut (or Nietzsche for that matter) but my wife had the unnatural belief that somehow eating pork and cabbage on New Year’s Day would bring good luck. Truth be told, our luck has been slightly above average over the past 20 years so why tempt fate. I can’t remember what I ate last New Year’s Day and it was certainly a below average year so I was not taking any chances for the new year.

Back to Nietzsche, I am not a fan of sauerkraut, but the combination of Sauerkraut, Polish Kielbasa and a few other items takes the edge of sauerkraut and I firmly believe that this is the best sauerkraut recipe ever. So if you are going to eat cabbage and pork for the New Year, it should be the best that you can do. Actually, roast pork and coleslaw would have been healthier but then I would have started the new years with a lot of leftovers. While I hate to argue with a German Philosopher over my Polish heritage, I believe that the extra ingredients do the trick more than cooking the Sauerkraut and Polish sausage together.

And yes it was cooked in a coffee pot.

The hardest thing to cook in a coffee pot that I’ve discovered so far is the potato and I’m not sure if it’s salted water higher heat or both that does the trick. The work around is to cube the potato and cook it first by putting it in the pot with a tsp of salt and then running fresh water through the coffee maker in the normal way with the potatoes in the glass part. About ½ hour later drain the water and set the potato aside.


7 oz Tin sauerkraut $0.89

Garlic clove minced $0.01

½ Small onion chopped $0.15

1 Bay leaf $0.01

1 Potato blanched & cubed $0.25

1 Tsp Brown sugar $0.01

5 oz Kielbasa ½ inch slices $2.00

Total cost $3.32

Combine the ingredients and turn on the coffeepot and let cook covered as below. The temperature got to 170 Fahrenheit which is a very safe for a 6 hour slow cooking method.

The meal was tasty but assessing the damage was sort of embarrassing for a person committed to losing weight.

This is not exactly a low calorie meal. The kielbasa has 500 calories with 400 from fat, the sauerkraut has 40 calories and the sugar 60. add another 200 calories for the potato and you hit over 800 before the wine with dinner.

Oh well, who ever said traditional foods were diet foods.


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