Jeri’s World Famous Coffee Pot Curry


Well I was amazed that the curry came out so well that I decided to try Jeri’s recipe arain and document the whole process and meal. Once again, despite a moderate cost, this is not a Meal for One. This time around I actually got three meals from the pot and I used my microwave to reheat them.   (2 min)

The first step was to place the cubed potato and salt  in the coffeepot with the two boned skinned chicken thighs and run 6 cups of fresh water through the coffee pot to blanch the potato and chicken.

The picture quality is a little low becasue I am not quite up to par at 6am.  I went and took my shower and when I returned I drained and seprated the potato and chicken.

Gather all the rest of the ingredients Together

Then Cube the chicken and chunk the onion.

Put the butter in the coffee pot and return to the coffeemaker hotplate, add onion, chopped garlic clove, ginger, thyme, curry powder. Add a splash of hot sauce.  Stir into paste.  Add can of chickpeas with liguid and layer the chicken and potatoes on top. Let simmer all day.

Once again I ate my meal and forgot to take a picture. However, there was so much leftovers and it looked so pretty, that you can get a good idea of what my smaller portion looked like.

Obviously, there is enough food on this plate for two more meals and that is what I had.


1/2 stick butter                                                                           $0.50

1 can Chickpeas                                                                            $0.96

1/2 tsp ginger

1/4 tsp thyme

6 oz chicken without skin (bones are optional)                $1.68

1 clove garlic

1 splash Hot Sauce.

1 Tablespoon Chief Curry Powder

1 potatoe cubed                                                                           $0.25

1/2 onion chunked                                                                      $0.20

So the total cost of everything in the pot is under four dollars ($4)  not including the rice and since I got three dinners out of this, that makes it a very cheap meal.


Considering I got three meals out of the pot this is a low calorie meal even if you throw in 200 more calkories for the rice each day.

Onion 30 cal plus lots of good stuff

Potato 135 cal plus vitiman C

Chicken  233 (45 from fat)  plus 43 grams protein

Chickpeas 350 (70 from fat) plus 21 grams protein and Iron

And the oops ingredient—

Butter 407 calories with 404 from fat or 146% of the daily requirement (But I spread it over 3 days) – Plus incredible flavor.

The hell with it I’m down 15 pounds in 2 weeks so I deserve a little favor in my life.


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