Hot Dogs and Beans – Just for fun.


 Well it should be obvious that the reason I’m eating healthy is because I don’t want to piss off my Daughter and I want to keep on going on great adventures with her daughters. I also promised myself I will skip with their daughters in 20 years or so. Because it’s all about them, this meal is for them with a few modifications the first being I don’t really like hot dogs or eat them.

The work around of course is Kielbasa or bratwurst both of which I like and they think are Poppa John hot dogs because I never buy the other kind and neither does my daughter.

 Well Kielbasa works better for baked beans in the can and if you call the following a recipe, here it is without pictures.

 Cut the Kielbasa in ½ inch slices and put in coffee pot.  Add 6 cups of water to the coffee pot and turn it on. Let the hot water drip on the Kielbasa in the glass pot in the normal manner. This will extract some grease and precook the Kielbasa.

 Dump the water and add a can of Bush’s baked beans. Campbell’s are just as good but I like the talking dog.

 Just because you want to feel like you did something add a splash of mustard and ketchup and a teaspoon of brown sugar.

 An hour later eat what you want.

 I used one small can of beans and ¼ pound of turkey kielbasi and it was more than enough.

Tomorrow, the girls are off from school so we are going to cook this meal for lunch. The girls think I’m weird and all their friends they told at school today think it’s weird so naturally they will help and I’ll try to post the pictures tomorrow with them enjoying their own efforts.


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