Sausage and Peppers, Method and Recipe!


It would seem that I’ve been so busy learning about “coffee pot cooking” and menu planning for one person on a diet that I have neglected to post my success.  I really haven’t had any great failures because I am already a pretty good professional cook for 2 to 200 people. The biggest issue is  trying to prepare controlled portions of food that are so “satisfying and delicious, you even want to eat the dishes” yet without leftovers and just enough food to keep me happy without snacking. 

I have to admit that I’ve kept failures to a minimum by starting with fairly simple meals that I was positive could be adapted to the coffee pot and that I happen to like.  I had already made sausage and peppers in a coffee pot and do like it so this time I used really good sausage and only used one piece amazingly it dropped both the cost and the calorie count because the portion  was smaller and the fat content was slightly lower. 

First step was to gather the ingredients.

Next I poked the sausage with a fork and put it in the coffee pot and put 6 cups of water in the normal place and turned it on to blanch the sausage and remove some of the fat. The water was poured off with the excess fat and all the other raw ingredients chopped coarsely and put in the pot with the sausage and tomatoes where it cooked for a few hours. Sprinkle with a small amount of basil and oregano.

I’m sure the meal was done after an hour or so but I didn’t have a chance to get back for about six hours.  To my delight, it was slightly over cooked but delicious and I had a good hot meal instead of restaurant food or leftovers. 

Total cost for the meal was under $4.00 with the sausage at $1.25, tomatoes $1 , Pepper $0.80, onion $0.25 and roll $0.35.  Total calories was 270 on the sausage, 125 from the tomatoes, 30 from the pepper, 65 from the onion and 200 from the roll.  (I know I am not supposed to eat white bread but what the heck, it’s traditional and tastes good!) This meal is extremely rich in vitamins A and C giving you almost 100% of your needs for the day and yes I still take my multivitamin for senior citizens.  

 You will see many Italian style meals in this blog because I like the taste, am used to cooking them in the traditional way and they are very adaptable to slow cooking methods.


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