Kielbasa and Beans – Simply Delicious!


My grandchildren have been taught from an early are that they will be part of all great family adventures. They have been canoeing, open ocean Kayaking, whitewater rafting, para-sailing, jet skiing across the Caribbean Sea, hot air ballooning and down to the bottom of the Luray Caverns. None of these are overwhelmingly expensive except the hot air balloon and I have had the 10 year old, Cayla, call me on three separate occasions to thank me and declare the event the best day of her life.

The girls are not jaded by money as they entertain themselves for hours with dolls, drawing and other old-fashioned toys. In my yard, I have an artificial rock wall that takes them to the roof of my house and lets them slide down a fire poll, a knotted rope that lets them climb up a shale cliff, a basketball backboard, and a 130 foot long zip slide. Yes there are bumps and bruises but no one has been hurt and they still love soft adventures like sitting in the hot tub and hearing stories about the constellations including the constellation “Cyntha Dragon” which is visible from their home in Virginia and my home in St. Croix. Cynthia follows them everywhere they go to protect them and their family.

Cooking is one more family adventure. The girls naturally start cooking with me at about 6 years old when they want to make Magic Stone Soup. This adventure starts with a trip to the beach to find the perfect stone that is magic and will turn water into soup. The stone and water go into the pot and then we go through the ritual of improving the soup by adding other items to the pot. But thats another story.

When I reached their house on Wednesday, I told them we would be cooking Kielbasa and Beans in the coffee pot for their lunch on Friday and they both were totally unimpressed and even used words like weird, disgusting, no way, etc They took the story to school the next day and all their friends agreed that their Poppa John was weird and no way they would eat anything that disgusting or even help cook it. I had carefully selected the meal because both like it and it’s simple enough for them to make and not lose interest in a long complicated process.

We were at an impasse Friday Morning until miss Ana wanted a Treasure map to help her find the secrete family fortune and I refused to draw it until we set up lunch in the coffee pot and let it cook. Obviously the treasure map was important, so miss Ana got big sister to help.

Miss Ana jumped right in and attacked the box with a knife. I was dutifully impressed by the speed of her arm which was attacking the box which amazingly was opened without damage. 

Both girls got involved in cutting up the Turkey Kielbasa, snitching it and eating it raw.  Heck, I told them eating raw turkey Kielbasa was probably more dangerous and disgusting than using a knife and possibly cutting themselves.  However, note except for eating the raw meat, I did have more control over this process. 

The cut up pieces were placed in the coffee pot and six cups of water were added to the normal place and the coffee maker turned on  to blanch the turkey and extract a little fat. 

Meanwhile Cayla was opening the can of baked beans.

After the water was drained from the Kielbasa which was  now precooked, the beans were added to the pot.

Just to prove that they are Cooks, Ana added a teaspoon of mustard.

Not to be out done, Cayla added a splash of Ketchup and then stirred the whole pot up. Cooking time was about 2 hours.

You can tell by the expression on Cayla’s face the meat was a little hot and you can also tell from Ana’s that she’s loving it. 

Well only three of us ate from the pot.  Daddy wanted to, but the girls ate all the leftovers and I did get my one bowl.  Total calories about 1650 with a little more than half from the Kielbasa.  Split 3 ways it’s a 550 calorie meal rich in protein and yeah it has a lot of fat. The cost is low too for a total around $6.00 or $2.00 each.

According to the girls it was simple to make and simply delicious. 

They finished everything and were gone. Now if I could just get them to pick up after themselves – Actually thats their parents job. I just put the dishes in the sink.

Simple to make and a simply delicious meal for kids.

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