Coffee Pot – Mac and Cheese!


Well Cayla got over me and coffee pot cooking being weird and presented a new and very unexpected challenge.  Coffee pot cooking wasn’t real cooking unless I could make Mac and Cheese.  Fortunately, the next day was a snowstorm and everything was shut down and it was to miserable for anyone to want to go outside,  especially me, so we set about making coffee pot Mac and Cheese.

Step 1 was to put the pasta in the pot and we used a 1/2 box with each girl pouring in about half.

Step 2 was to add a teaspoon of salt to the dry pasta and once again each girl added about half.

Step 3, Water was added to the coffee maker and it was turned on to drip on the posta. Cooking time was twice as long as the box said about 20 minutes and the texture is weird for anything other than Mac and Cleese.

Step 4, the girls cut up the butter with each doing half. 

Step 5, I decanted the water off the pasta.

Step 6, the butter 1/2 stick and milk 1/2 cup are put in the coffee pot.

Step 7, the girls take turns putting a layer of pasta and a layer of cheese into the pot. Each had a turn at both cheese and pasta. They ate any pasta that fell on the floor so they dropped a lot.

Step 8, the filled pot is covered with aluminum foil and placed on the coffee maker hot plate. 

Step 9, About an hour later when the cheese is melted and starts flowing, the pot is stirred and the Mac and Cheese is served.

Once again, the girls cleaned the pot with second servings and Daddy was left out.

I didn’t bother keeping accurate track of either the cost or calories because this is not a meal that I am likely to do again except when I’m having fun cooking with my granddaughters.


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4 Responses to “Coffee Pot – Mac and Cheese!”

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  2. charlene Says:

    I thought I was the only person who has made mac and cheese using a coffee pot!

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