Coffee Pot Cacciatore


When Dolores was alive we bought family size packs of meat and cooked it all. Leftovers would be eaten for lunch or used as the basis for another meal. Well when cooking for one, neither concept is really good as leftovers mean unnecessary calories and how many days in a row do you want to eat off a 12 pack of chicken legs.

And yeah, I have a 12 pack in the freezer which will get freezer burn before its used if I do nothing with it. Ok, so this sounds crude but at 6 am I took out the 12 pack and used a hammer and a super big screwdriver to split off two legs and split the rest into two 5 packs. By the time I showered, the legs had defrosted enough for the plastic to rapidly peel off.

I then put the two frozen legs in the coffee pot and loaded it with 10 cups of water which perked into the pot and defrosted the legs.

Chicken Cacciatore Ingredients

2 chicken legs                                             $1.00

Can Diced Tomatoes                                  $1.25

Medium Onion                                             $0.20

Garlic clove

Medium Pepper                                            $0.80

Mushrooms (Optional) Can                      $1.00

1-2 oz. Cruzan Dark Rum $0.50

Bay Leaf



The cost of the meal is about $4.00 and the whole pot only has about 500 calories, tastes great and is filling. Throw in another 200 for the pasta and it’s still a low calories dinner until you count the calories in a bottle of wine. Still I’m down 20 pounds in a month and I can live with that.

Step 1, blanch the chicken in the coffee pot by passing fresh water through the coffee maker.

Step 2, drain the chicken and add the chopped onions, peppers and garlic to the coffee pot.

Add the rum to tenderize and purify the chicken. Ad the tomatoes and all other spices and let cook all day. When I poured it into a bowl, the chickn was falling off the bone and all flavors were blended.

I rinsed out the pot and added the portion I wanted of Angel Hair pasta which I put in the damp pot with a teaspoon of salt.  Fresh water was added to the coffee maker and three minutes after all the water perked to the bottom the angle hair was perfectly done.

The pasta was drained, put on the plate, covered with the Cacciatore and liberally sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese.

When I get home at night , I am tired and it’s nice to have a decient meal that’s ready to eat with minimal extra work.

I am hooked on portion control and coffee pot cooking.


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