Coffee Pot – Pot Roasted Chicken!!


Simply Fantastic!!!!

I can’t wait to do this with my Granddaughters. I was so excited about this recipe that I called my son-in-law and bragged about the success.

Who would dream you could cook a chicken in a coffee pot?

Naturally, he asked when it would be published and now I’m paranoid enough to believe that he will hijack the recipe and cook it with his daughters before I return.

Oh well, truth be told, I hijacked the recipe from JenFongEats and when I read it I burst out laughing while imagining stuffing a chicken in a coffee pot with my granddaughters helping. I mean I am used to pot roasted chicken and turkey and love the retained moisture of the meat. But our family always used the oven and a covered roasting pan.

I just had to try this recipe with a few small modifications. My mother-in-law always used celery in her pot roasted chicken and my wife always cooked with celery, so naturally, I am used to the taste of celery in most meals. Another modification was to use a Cornish hen and also, I included potatoes in the meal. As Jennifer says in her post on slow cooker chicken “Adapt these [ingredients] to what you have on hand.” I might add; adapt them to the flavors you like.


1 potato

1 whole Cornish Hen wash inside and out with lime juice

1 celery stalk diced

1 small onion coarse chopped

1 garlic clove minced

salt and pepper to taste

1 carrot cut to length that will fit in pot and quartered long ways

1 bay leaf

1 thin slice of  fresh scotch bonnet hot pepper

Method; As usual, the potato was cubed and placed in the coffeepot with a teaspoon of salt.  Fresh water was put in the normal place and the coffee maker turned on to blanch and precook the potato.

Meanwhile the Cornish Hen  was washed inside and out with lime.  Seems it’s a cultural thing in St. Croix from the old days when refrigeration was a rarity and fresh meant uncooked.  It does add a nice subtle flavor and except in pot roasting it helps make the skin golden and crisp so you are always tempted to eat the unhealthy part of the bird and not let it go to waste.

Next chop up the celery, onion and and garlic mix in a bowl and stuff the cavity of the bird. Cover with salt and pepper or if you like it, seasoned salt. I used Adobo a Puerto Rican spice blend.

Drain the potatoes and put them in the bowl with the excess celery  mixture. Then stuff the bird into the empty Coffee pot. Cover the bird with the carrot pieces and dump the potatoes and excess celery mix in the pot.

I then added a couple of ounces of Cruzan rum just in case the cooking temperature was too low, I didn’t want the bird to spoil.  What the heck, it tenderizes beef and adds a nice flavor.

The pot was covered with foil to hold in the heat and placed on the hotplate of the coffee maker.

As you can see the cooking temperature was much hotter than expected and I don’t know what generated all that liquid in the pot because my rum level was way below the metal band.

Well after 6 hours of cooking the Cornish hen was breaking up and everything was cooked.

I only ate two wings, one leg and the potatoes and carrots.  After dinner I de-boned the bird and turned the leftover into chicken soup but that’s another story.

Wel JenFongEats makes my Recipe Hall of fame for this recipe alone but she has other great recipes involving ham, black beans and brown rice that I’m just waiting to try so I’m sure I’ll be writing more about her recipes as a starting point for mine.

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