French Onion Soup and Cleaning the Kitchen!


I notice while tag surfing that many woman have a fixation with a really good French Onion Soup as did my wife. She was quite proficient at making it and serving it for a light dinner prior to us going out to a party where we knew there would be more than enough food but served much later. Her method was so quick I used to jokingly tell her that she made French onion soup when she was too lazy to prepare a real meal. Now in her defense, she loved it so much, it was her first choice of an appetizer when we ate out and she would have eaten it every night if I wasn’t looking for something more substantial for dinner.

Her method was so simple I would hardly call it a recipe. First the onion was sliced and onion rings separated and sautéed in butter, Then she would add whatever sherry we had around. If dry was used, she would add a little brown sugar and enough beef broth to serve two. While it was simmering, she would slice some stale French bread which we always seemed to have in the refrigerate and toast it in a toaster. Next, she use a cheese slicer to thinly slice baby Swiss, place it on the toast and nuked it very carefully in the microwave for about 20 seconds.

I made this yesterday in my coffeepot and because I was busy, it cooked for about 13 hours without any issues at all. I think it was probably done in 5-6 hours, but I couldn’t get home any earlier so I tested the recipe to see how it would work out. Even though it was late, I took the time to do the toast and cheese thing and floated it on top. Too bad I left my camera at work because it looked great and was as good as Dolores always made it.

While tag surfing the Crockpot area, I saw a lot of silly things about French Onion Soup. By law, cooking sherry is any sherry that has been adulterated with so much common salt that it is unfit to drink for its alcohol content. So why bother to use Sea Salt or Kosher salt in a recipe with cooking sherry? Also, why would you add a wine that is unfit to drink to the food you eat? It still has the alcohol content so it cant be an alcohol thing. If the cooking sherry is cream sherry, why add more sugar.

So what has this got to do with cleaning the kitchen. One person actually posted a recipe and pictures that came from the dirtiest Crockpot I have ever seen anybody cook in, the stove was an abomination and and the finished meal looked terrible.

Oops, checked the background in some of my pictures and decided it was time to clean my kitchen.


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