Celebrating Valentines Day Alone


Valentines Day was neither happy or sad.  I had worked all day, went to the Agriculture Fair where I bought fantastic fresh tomatoes and talked to many old friends before preparing the meal and going to meet my friends before dinner. After Celebrating Valentines Day for 45 years with the same person, it is hard to ignore.  As was our custom when Dolores was alive, I brought flowers for all our employees and a few extra for myself.  After setting up dinner, I stopped at a beach bar and had a beer with a friend before  moving down the road to a resort hotel, where I had a business conversation with another friend.  I  couldn’t stay long as I had decided to grill out and the food was on the fire.

I had long ago had figured out how to bank a fire and put the food on the far side so it would slow cook. This allowed one hour or more before the food would be burned and I am just too cheap to want to waste food by burning it. I will drink wine at home but I don’t keep beer around because it is too fattening for me to have more than one. The key to my losing weight is portion control.  I had my one beer and left.
When I got home, the food wasn’t quite ready. Since I have already lost 25 pounds and only have 13 to go before Memorial Day, I decided to enjoy my flowers with a glass of wine and a couple of pieces of chocolate.

I only cooked one potato and four drumetts (the meaty part of the wing). After going to two stores, the potato on the grill is the smallest one I could find without buying 10 pounds. Oh well, this is paradise.

The recipe for the chicken is only worth mentioning because of the lime.  When you wash chicken with lime or lemon  juice, the skin turns a golden brown even before the meat is cooked and it stays that crispy delicious way until it’s done.  The spices I used were Adobo (a Puerto Rican flavored salt) and black pepper. I didn’t use any other sweet barbecue sauce although when my grandchildren are around I’ll add something sweet for them.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad day just not happy or totally sad.


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