Tuna Fish – Revolution Food or Real Food.


Some people actually believe that canned tuna is real food or the basis for a  real meal. Dolores was one of them. It was not until I started this diet and saw tins of this allegedly healthy but in my mid dry and bland staple in my closet  that I began to think about how to improve it.  Now most recipes to correct these issues add so much mayonnaise or cheese that they could just as easily be made out of sawdust and taste about the same.

Since I love real Tuna fresh from the fish cooked extremely rare, I have learned to grill it like a steak using a marinade of Adobo, crushed garlic, and soy sauce.  To kick up the the taste of the  much blander over-cooked tuna from the can, I added a little Wasabi to the blend.

Basically it was about 1/2 tsp of the Adobo and a teaspoon of everything else.  My nutritionist suggested I get rid of one of the salted ingredients and add regular horseradish.  Since  I like the taste of soy sauce, I dumped the Adobo the next time I made it.  After blending all the ingredients together, I spoon it on top of the dry tuna and serve the tuna as a side dish.  It actually tastes pretty good and is not quite so dry.

This is almost an instant protein source so I prepare it at the last minute when the vegetarian meal in the coffee pot is not substantial enough.  Any leftover sauce can be put in a zip lock snack bag and saved for another meal.  Since I am now buying the 3 oz tins of tuna there are not any leftovers of the fish.

All of the ingredients for this meal are on hand for my hurricane supplies and all are pretty much preserved without refrigeration so this definitely gets classified as a revolution food that will improve your diet when you are without power or fresh food supplies.


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