Perfect Puttanesca – Coffee Pot Style


The key to Perfect Puttanesca is not to kill the sauce with too much anchovies. Most people are not even aware that Caesars Salad has anchovies in the sauce but at a level which enhances flavor and doest dominate the meal. For those not familiar with with Puttanesca, it is literally whore’s sauce in Italian and Wikipedia does a cute article on the origins of the name. (Legend has it that it is related to the slight fishy smell when cooking, the salty taste or perhaps the ingredients could be found in the pantry of a “professional woman” who was too busy to shop on a daily basis. Regardless, when done properly, this is gourmet food.

I first made it on January 10 and took the following picture of the simple ingredients. However I used the whole can of anchovies and even for me it was way too much and I wouldn’t have served the meal to anyone or even recommended trying it.

The second time around I got it perfect, even better than the stove top method because I cut way back on the anchovies. The most amazing thing to me was that after putting the olive oil, garlic, onion and anchovies in the pot, it was hot enough to sauté the mixture at a perfect temperature where the onions turned translucent and nothing burned.


Tablespoon extra virgin Olive oil

1-2 cloves of garlic depending on your taste -minced

1 large yellow onion -diced

3-4 thin pieces of anchovies the size you get on pizza -diced

6 large black pitted olives, chopped or sliced

Tablespoon capers

Can of diced tomatoes.

Thin slice scotch bonnet hot pepper or crushed red pepper to taste

The oil, garlic, onion and anchovies are placed together in the coffee pot and and sautéed for about 15 minutes then the thin slice of pepper, olives and capers are added to the pot along with the can of tomatoes. I allowed it to simmer all day and when I got home poured it into a bowl and then made Angle hair pasta in the coffee pot as previously described.

Take note in the following picture that the angle hair pasta is about perfect , no clumps or mush or starchy streaks on the plate.

The final meal had the sauce on top and Parmesan cheese on top of that.

Unbelievable that a meal this good can be classified as revolution foods or camping food or hurricane food because nothing needs refrigeration.

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