Is Coffeepot Cooking a Secret Diet Tool??


Well yes and no, it’s  not really secret although its not well known but it certainly is a diet tool with limited psychological negatives to cause a relapse. After all I will definitely eat every day for the rest of my life and I love to cook including having owned restaurants and night clubs and having catered for hundreds.

And therein lies the problem with me maintaining a normal weight. I tend to cook for at least six people and don’t mind eating leftovers. Worst case is I eat leftovers while cooking and then eat a second meal when what I am cooking is done. Being fat is sort of synergistically self destructive, in that you are hungry because your belly is distended and as you eat more and exercise less you become even fatter at least I do. I can hold my weight very well after a diet unless I get injured or engage in social eating of three meals a day. Invitations for meals come from family, friends or business associates who want to eat breakfast lunch and dinner and of course I socially accept every meal.

I started this diet by going to a nutritionist and my doctor before heading to the Gym. The nutritionist said skip the cereals, breads etc. and eat fruits and some protein for breakfast. I start my day at 5 am with a tomato, orange or apple and I still occasionally have a bowl of dry Cheerios. While I am not hungry because of the breakfast, I plan dinner. About 2 hours later I have a 3 oz tin of tuna and in the afternoon one of those allegedly zero calorie foods like cucumber, celery or carrots.

I like exotic foods whether its spicy brown rice and beans, fresh vegetable soup or Italian cuisine. Putting everything in the coffeepot and freezing unused portions of meat means there is nothing ready except what is in the pot so I cannot over eat except for raw vegetables or fruit because there is nothing else available that isn’t frozen. After I eat the 500- 1000 calorie portion and have my wine (1000 calories) there is no issue with hunger.

I accept I should probably drink less and I probably will at some point in the future, but anyone who follows this blog will recognize that I eat a balance of vegetables, beans and meats. In addition, I take my vitamins, omega three and eat more chicken and fish than any other meat. When I have a craving for fried or grilled food I cook it myself in the healthiest way possible.

I am not feeling deprived of anything. I brought a tin heart full of chocolate for Valentines Day and ate it all myself and the diet gods blessed me by dropping another five pounds for the week and dropping off a plateau that I had been on for a while. The picture of the chocolates on Valentines Day show I limited myself to 2 one oz pieces and when the box was done so was my craving.

I went out to breakfast on Monday and instead of a 3 oz portion there was closer to ½ pound of lox on the plate since I like my bagels and lox and cream cheese with capers and onions, I ate it all up. I still have the desire not to waste a single thing but one lapse didn’t matter and today when I went to the same restaurant I had two eggs, dry rye toast, 3 bacon strips and 3 oz potatoes. While not exactly as healthy as the salmon, I was running from the much larger portion because I don’t want to stretch my stomach and have not yet learned the art of pushing away food and letting it go to waste. Without the coffeepot, I am sure I would have never accepted the concept of portion control. My instinct still runs to the “see food diet” that’s right if I see food I will eat it.

I must be doing something right or else I have a new hidden disease.  I am down 5 inches on my waist and down 30 pounds.  I am working out aggressively for 45 minutes on the rowing machine and treadmill and looking to add the bicycle machine although I have not been on a real bike in about 30 years. But after the rowing machine,  I was looking for something less aggressive to burn a few more calories during my cool down period and increase my total workout time to one hour.

I have even started dreaming of the next 30 pound weight loss to drop me down to my high school weight 185.  Only thing stopping me is the new study which says people who are 20 pounds overweight tend to live 6 years longer then those who are 20 pounds underweight. Of course at 215 I am officially obese and 50 pounds over my allegedly ideal weight.


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