Yesterday – Diet Disaster!!!


Is all that fat nasty or what?

I stopped for my standard two glasses of wine on the way home and during some heated conversation, I didn’t notice that the bartender made a third pour until I was ready to pay the bill and leave. With the coffeepot down, I was heading home to grill a a medium sized sweet potato and a couple or pork chops. Seemed there was this 2.8 pound package of allegedly country style ribs in the freezer which was easily separated into thirds before it was totally defrosted. Two pieces with bones were grilled and the other two packages were for stew meat and fried pork.

I opened a bottle of wine and fired up my charcoal grill and put the sweet potato on. I then seasoned the meat without thinking two much about the quality as I was hungry. About 30 minuets later The chops were done as was the roasted sweet potato which I smothered in butter, I continued with the wine that I was drinking during cooking, and finished the bottle, the potato and both pork chops which weighted about a pound.

When I woke at 217, I committed to getting a new coffeepot. Off to K-Mart where a new coffeepot was $16.99 and the complete coffeemaker was $19.99 .This is the same model my son-in-law purchased at K-mart for 17.99 so I could cook with my granddaughters. Paradise has a price. I bought one of each figuring that I did not want to go through coffeepot cooking withdraw again.

I knew this was a wise move when I started to clean the fat off of one of the other two packages of pork and found out that my pork was about 50% fat and I ate the whole thing last night because I was drinking while cooking, hungry, eating late and it was definitely not portion controlled nor was the wine. I really didn’t care about throwing away half the meat. It was one of those freezer prizes that gives you a free meal because you didn’t know it was there and never find them until you are trying to clean out the freezer. Trimming off the fat allowed me to get down to a slightly heavy half pound of meat which will yield enough stew for two meals and I’ll bring the leftovers to work.

Oh well back on course and tomorrow is vegetable market day so I should get a change of diet next week based on all fresh vegetables.


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