Rest in Piece Five Brothers


This is the final recipe from the Five Brothers cook book and I ate it with leftover soup. I am sad that the final picture was so bad but this is what happens when you try to photograph a “white on white” meal.  The sandwich was an excellent combination and I’m not a fan of the flame roasted red peppers.

The recipe is split the bread, cover with a lawyer of spread Gorgonzola cheese which crumbles when you spread it, flame roasted red bell peepers and arugula on top. It was then covered with a dash of balsamic vinegar and a spritz of extra virgin olive oil and eaten as a closed sandwich.

This little book was so good and since I was finished using it for now, I decided that I would like the rest of the series to adapt to “meals for one.” When I pursued that goal on line I found that Bertolli had purchased the brand and shut down the Five Brothers name and promotional books.

This is so typical of the way people treat each other.

At Christmas, my daughter said to me,

“Oh Dad I love you so much just the way you are but I want you to live forever so don’t you think you could lose 50 pounds and cut back on drinking. I’ll be so happy when you live so much longer in a healthy body.”

Yes, Daughters and Dads, husbands and wives and big business all use this same flawed logic. They love a company, merge them and then kill off the brands that made the company successful enough to attract a buyer

The Italian name for this basic sandwich is

Panini al Gorgonzola con Arugula

To Uncle Allie, it was just a sandwich.

Five Brothers Books and Business Rest In Piece after a job well done.


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