Summer Squash – Coffeepot Style


Tuna Salad and Summer Squash

Because this site is about meals for one and coffeepot cooking (and More), it’s good to show a detailed method even when I think it is self explanatory. The side dish in the picture is summer squash, onions and tomatoes with or without a topping of mozzarella cheese. It was served with Tuna Fish which had been discussed before.

Dolores used to do this in the oven and it really only takes about an hour or so and she used to make enough for six in a casserole dish. In the coffeepot it’s easy to scale down to 2 portions, and thats about all I want. The flavor is summer fresh either way although it really is easier to over cook the tomatoes in the oven and in the coffeepot the cooking times are flexible.

Step 1 – Rough cut the onions and put it in the pot.

Step 2 – Slice a summer squash or zucchini and put it in the pot.

Step 3 – Cover with a can of tomatoes – any kind you like stewed, diced or whole.

Step 4 – Sprinkle with cheese, cover with foil, close the lid and let cook all day. The cooking time in the coffeepot is very flexible

Step 5 – Remove the foil and serve as side dish.

This is a great summer side dish and goes well with the tuna as above.


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