Perfect Pizza for Amateurs


The sign of a really great pizza chief is the ability to make and work with the dough so if a person wants thick Chicago pie they get it and if they want thin crust New York pie the got it or if they want an in between Sicilian pie they can have that too. The other sign of a great pizza artist is the recognition that the best cheeses and sauce will make the best pie.

With a world of corporate piazza chains and every grocery store offering a variety of frozen pizza, we have accepted mediocrity as the norm unless you are lucky enough to have a neighborhood shop owned by an artist who may not be willing to make a Chicago pie because it’s not real pizza. When I first read about using a wheat tortilla as a pie crust, I burst out laughing and of course immediately rejected the idea.

But why?

I had eaten them as wraps and eaten them as enchilada and currently the consistency of the crust is much better than with manufactured brand name pizza, so if the concept worked at all, you would be able to make a good pie all the time. This recipe preyed on my mind for days until I finally gave in and tried it.

The big problem is that while this turns out a delicious near perfect thin crust pizza, it also is a perfectly seductive diet breaker. From start to finished eating is about ½ hour and if you have the ingredients, you can make one anytime you are hungry and since they are small, you can make and eat a few. This is the antithesis of portioned controlled disciplined diet cooking and I am glad that I didn’t know about this before I learned a little discipline and had lost 30 pounds.

So for better on the food side and worse on the diet side, here’s the recipe that I got from and adapted to the locally available ingredients and the Naples style.

Step 1,Oil the pan.

Step 2, Sprinkle with dry mozzarella cheese. This will bind crust to top cheese layer and make the pie less messy.

Step 3, Put sauce on top of cheese

Step 4, Add the finest fresh mozzarella you can find and afford. Add your topping (anchovies is mine)

Bake for 10 minutes at 425 and you have the pie shown at the top. If you like brown cheese, cook it 5 more minutes.  Be careful not to slop cheese or sauce on the pan as it will char and stink-up the kitchen.

This pie is fantastic but so good it’s dangerous to a diet. The Brunette Foodie definitely makes my recipe Hall of Fame for this one.

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