Why Does Bread From Sprouts Taste Like Crap? Read Your Bible.


Well, I went to my local grocery store looking for a multi-grain flat-bread with flax to make a pizza. Of course I couldn’t find multi-grain flat-bread of any kind but found a tortilla made from the sprouts of grains and beans. The claim was the recipe was of Biblical origins contained in a verse in the bible Ezekiel 4.9. and they called it EZ 4.9 based on that reference.

My nutritionist had suggested I stop eating processed white breads and if I could stand the flavor and texture, I should switch to bread made from sprouted grains and beans. Being the curious person I am, I naturally purchased a package of EZ 4.9 tortillas and then went to my Bible and read the entire Chapter 4 of Ezekiel which is rather short.

It turns out the recipe is given as punishment from a very angry God and eating the sprouted grain and bean bread is part of the atonement.

After reading this Chapter, I now understand why so many people believe that sprouted grain and bean bread taste like crap.

I just hope all of the ingredients in that Bible recipe are not allowed or used in modern food processing plants, because I still intend to make a pizza from the tortilla because this is supposed to be a healthier alternative to wheat tortillas.

Maybe I should stop trying to be healthy or stop reading my Bible on Sunday.

Oh well,
Mat 7:7 “Seek, and ye shall find;”

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2 Responses to “Why Does Bread From Sprouts Taste Like Crap? Read Your Bible.”

  1. faithfulfoodie Says:

    This made me laugh out loud! Healthy food has to taste good in order for me to use it. If I want fiber and don’t care about taste and texture, I might as well eat sawdust!! Not going to do it . . .

  2. Sprout Bread Pizza « Coffee Pot Cooking Says:

    […] I had made a Pizza using a wheat tortilla and it was fantastic and easy.  As discussed separately, I wasn’t too excited about a grain and bean sprout tortilla I had found because I had read the Bible passage cited on the package label.  Well, this is the […]

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