The Diet is Working.


It’s about 10 weeks since I started the diet that Cait and Dagny ordered me to do and I am down 34 pounds to 211.  Even more amazing is the above belt pictures of my past and current belts show my waist is down six inches with only an inch to go before I need a new belt.  Realistically,  I believe the limitations of the size of a meal you can fit in a coffeepot  along with early morning meal planning and portion control is the sole reason I have lost weight.

I also believe that going to the gym has contributed to my waist loss.  In an hour at the gym, I can burn a little over 300 calories and I go three to four times a week.  I could skip  a glass of wine a day and break even calorie wise.  However, since I am spending 15 minutes each visit on a rowing machine, I believe that that is tightening up my abdomen and contributing to the waist  loss.

Speaking of Dagny and Cait, the following picture of Cait and Dagny surfaced when  I was cleaning my photo files off an old Windows ME machine before it crashes. I gave them both their first flying less for Christmas that Year.

Carson calls the two cousins Bookends. The date on the picture  says it was 6 years ago and they both look great today.  With as much crap as they gave me about losing weight, they better both stay good looking and in shape forever.  Otherwise I plan to live another 35 years and harass them when they start sneaking up on sixty.


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