Sprout Bread Pizza


As described in a previous post, I had made a Pizza using a wheat tortilla and it was fantastic and easy.  As discussed separately, I wasn’t too excited about a grain and bean sprout tortilla I had found because I had read the Bible passage cited on the package label.  Well, this is the first attempt at a sprouted bread pizza and parallels the original post.

First the pan was oiled and the defrosted sprout tortilla placed on the pan and since I had some locally grown fantastic ripe tomatoes, I decided on making a real tomato pie.  Naturally I put my fresh mozzarella on top.

After that I topped it with anchovies and black olives.

The pie was baked for 15 minutes and I wasn’t sure whether to call it Mexican Pizza or Italian Nachos. Either way it was mediocre.  The toppings never bound to the bread so everything was sliding off like messy nachos.  The crust had the texture of soggy cooked nachos.  In the end I guess Italian Nachos is closer to the truth than Mexican Pizza.

I am going to do one more try with traditional sauce and some shredded cheese on bottom like the original recipe to see if I can improve the taste and presentation.  If not I’ll pass the tortillas on to my nutritionist who says she eats sprouted bread and has gotten used to the flavor and texture.


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