Green Eggs and Ham!


Well Andrew, Lauren and Pippa are visiting this week.  Andrew is my Son and Pippa is my granddaughter so of course Lauren is my daughter in law. I’m having a great time enjoying all of their company.  I kind of knew that it would be rough because my son is a foodie who enjoys three meals a day and I am a true social eater.

I set my hoped for weight gain  at no more than 5 pounds which I should be able to loose in the week before I go up for Cayla’s birthday and to see my Mom where I’ll probably gain another  5 pounds. I knew it was going to be a rough week when Andrew showed up with an over abundance of cookies from his co-worker Yvonne who baked some luscious moist thick chocolate chip cookies which are now all gone because of my great expertise at binge eating.

One of the great joys of having children around is to use them as an excuse to do weird things and one of the things to do was make green eggs and ham in tribute to Dr. Spock.

The recipe should be obvious. Use a cookie cutter in the shape of a train  to punch a whole in a slice of bread,  butter the pan and slowly fry the bread until it is toasted.  Fill the hole in the center with spooned in scrambled eggs.  My son chose yellow as his favorite color and of course Pippa wanted green eggs and ham.  Green egg coloring turned the trick.  Of course she wandered off and skipped breakfast but I ate it and it was fine.  Tasted just like scrambled eggs and toast.

Green Eggs and Ham.  Gourmet cooking at it’s best.


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