Adventures great and small.


I have had no great epiphanies over the past week or even new discoveries except that adventurers can be great and small. We cooked tortilla pizza and everybody had a good time eating them prior to a birthday movie. Then there was the the workout with three devil woman who wore me out. (Don’t let their appearances fool you as all are devil women who can tire me out and beat me.)

Of course they are all young and thank God healthy so I am lucky to be able to engage in and keep up with their idea of fun. The adventuresome Miss Ana making the pizza above was also one of the devil woman who ran me into the ground. I brought new jogging shoes and my son in law helped choose an appropriate winter jogging outfit that warmed both my body and soul. Yes shopping with him was a real adventure and I even purchased a hat that I would not  have selected without his help.

Of course no birthday would be complete without a shopping spree at Toys R Us. In January, the little one could have all she could carry and this time, the larger one would get a total of 42 dollars which was related to a very poor math grade so she graciously accepted less than she would have gotten with better grades.

Of course, Cait came along to supervise, guide and to teach her cousins to engage in deviant behavior at every opportunity. She reminds them constantly in a joking way to stop acting like children and stop having fun but all they do is giggle and laugh at her. By the way Cait is a 22 year old Chemical Engineer enjoying family fun.

Earlier in the day, we all went to a farmers market and skipped through the area. It was funny. On one side of the market, we got a round of applause from the merchants and on the other, we were told to stop fooling around and grow up. I suppose all of the merchants thought that there responses were appropriate on both sides of the market. We actually brought a bunch of stuff and didn’t bump into anything or anybody while skipping. I believe we purchased everything on the side where we were appreciated.

Joking aide at 245 pounds which is where I started loosing weight, I could not have done much this weekend other than be a couch potato and beg one of the healthier family members to run and get me a beer.  I’m still overweight and wear a heart beat monitor and consulted my doctor before I started working out.  He is an excellent role model, my age better shape and good control of his health who loves the great outdoors.  When I said this all at a family gathering, my sister asked about the heart rate monitor. Her daughter was explaining about optimum performance levels at various heart rates. I said it was far simpler.

Put the thing on and work really hard until it hits 150 beats per minute and then you are allowed to quit.  The only problem with my method is that every time you work out, you have to exercise a little longer and harder before it hits 150 and you get to quit.

I have decided to split my blog in two parts with different goals.  In, I will stick with recipes and methods in making meals for one.  In Too Young to be Old, I will report on family adventures both great and small.

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