Still Cooking – To Busy To Post


Obviously, I am still alive so I am still eating which means I am still cooking. And since I am still losing weight, I am still cooking portioned controlled meals in my coffeepot and getting mocked by my friends.  Since I am down seven inches at my waist and getting into size 36 pants for the first time in years at 208 pounds and still losing weight, I really don’t care

Besides I am eating some very good comfort food and still losing weight.  I noticed that I have missed posting on

Black eyed peas ands ham hocks


Black Bean Soup

Kidney Stew

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Italian Pumpkin Soup


Arroz con Gandules

Two really special meals on the list are the kidney stew which I did for comfort foods from my youth and it was better than stove top because it was more tender and the Arroz con Gandules because I actually solved the problem of making decent (not great but definitely not pasty) rice in a slower cooker.


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