Coffepot Apples and Carrots



The problem with being a cook and a foodie is you can “make do” with any ingredients you have and cook them with any equipment you have at your disposal. So you really can cook a meal and eat it anytime you want.  After Hurricane Hugo, it was so hot that when you drove, the hood of your car got very hot. With no power and with charcoal and propane at a premium, you could clean the hood of the car and make a fried egg sandwich on toast on the hood of your car.

Now life is no longer that tough, I am staying at La Quinta Inn (Clearwater Central) and it’s a wonderful place to stay full of friendly guests and staff. I have been eating high cholesterol foods and having a couple of beers with my traveling companion because I thought I had a bad neck and needed a neck operation. But just to be sure the surgeon sent me to a neurologist who detected a “sub acute stroke” and he sent me to a heart specialist who essentially told me that even though I had lost 40 pounds, I was still a fat slob with high blood pressure and high cholesterol and I needed to lose 30 more pounds, stay in shape and I would get the results of the electrocardiogram the next day.

Sufficiently contrite, I decided to skip my dinner at the wonderfully friendly Tilted Kilt full of attractive friendly young ladies and cook a meal in my room in the coffeepot. This was actually a proof of concept “Make Do” meal as the coffee pot was set to shut off after one hour so I would have to reset it several times during the course of the cooking.

 Well the only ingredients I had in the room were canned sardines served best cold, some wilted but sweet carrots and a “Red Delicious” apple and I was in no mood to go to the store. I knew that the apple and carrots would work well together with a little sugar as my mother and grandmother made candied carrots just like many Americans make candied sweet potatoes for the holidays.

I like sardines even when they are a little greasy (Omega 3 oil is good for the brain) but they seemed to be even better with the sweet taste of the carrots and apples.

Recipe: Coffeepot Carrots and Apples

2 small carrots coined

2 packages hotel salt

½ apple cut into wedges

2 packets hotel sugar

Coin the carrots and put in the coffeepot add the salt. Add water to coffeemaker, blanch the carrots in the hot water and let sit on the coffeemaker hot plate until it shuts off.

Drain the salty water from the carrots. Slice the apple into wedges and add them to the pot. Add more water to the coffee maker and blanch the carrots and apples together.

 Let sit until the timer turns off the coffeepot. Test the carrots and apples for tenderness, If more time is needed, turn the coffeemaker back on but don’t change the water,

Drain the water and serve on the plate, sprinkle sugar on top and put sardines on the side.

 The Make Do Dinner tasted pretty good and was actually very healthy as I washed it down with my bottle of Red Wine.

Oh well, la dolce vita!


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