The La Quinta Inn Coffeepot Casserole


The people at the La Quinta Inn (Clearwater Central) probably do not deserve my tribute to them. They were friendly, intelligent, helpful, concerned people who did a great job of providing an inexpensive hotel room with reasonable amenities for the duration of my stay. I have tentatively scheduled my return and will want to stay with them upon my return so I hope they don’t get too mad at me.

But still this is the first meal I ever cooked for myself in a hotel room and it was inspired by available ingredients, ease of preparation and the fact that every single ingredient could be eaten uncooked or cold from the can without harm . But as it turned out, the cooked version with the ameliorated flavors was far superior to eating raw onions and summer squash. My major concern was that a safety feature on the pot turned it off after one hour so the cooking process would have to be restarted and the ingredients added in a set sequence so nothing over cooked.

However since I was done with all testing and just waiting to go home, I decided to stay in the room and cook and work for the day.

The La Quinta Inn Coffeepot Casserole



Italian Style Stewed Tomatoes

Summer Squash

Canned Chicken Breast

Sliced Mozzarella Cheese

Hotel salt and pepper to taste

I had to purchase a real knife to open the canned tomatoes and cut the squash. But obviously, the salt, pepper, plate and fork were from the hotel supplies.

The onion was rough chopped and added to the pot with a little juice from the tomatoes and cooked for one hour.

The squash was sliced and added to the pot.

The tomatoes were then added to the pot.

After an hour of cooking, the chicken was added.

Two slices of cheese were placed on top.

The pot was then heated for approximately an hour until the cheese melted.

Everything was properly cooked and flavorful. Honestly, for the most part I love to eat out when on vacation but after the scare I had about a stroke and paralysis, I decided to continue with healthy eating, and even skipped the salt because there was enough in the canned products.

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