Thai Won On – La Quinta Style


Cooking Thai Food with Dagny in my Hotel Room was a special event. First she eats Thai food on a regular basis and knows what it is supposed to taste like, she is a “make do” cook with a good sense of taste so substitutes freely and she also has a great sense of adventure. Well as mentioned in the previous post on the La Quinta Casserole, my new Crockpot was not even close to being the right tool for a stir fry, but still I was more interested in the flavoring used and matching authentic Thai Flavors so we decided to proceed in a “make do” manner adapting a recipe from Tes who is a very interactive blogger. She listed Thai recipes for me in the comment section of one post on yummy lunches and I decided on a stir fry recipe as a starting point.

In attempting to separate the fun from the food, I am presenting Dagny who was in charge of making the Microwave rice because I had prepared the rest of the food while she had to work at the last moment. Seems that the Hotel had bought an odd lot of Sylvania Ghost Microwaves from Hell and their solution was to unplug them but leave them in the room without warning the guests.

Struggling to Plug in the Goast Microwave from Hell

Dagny did a trouble shooting on the microwave and verified it wasn’t plugged in. No problem she simply moved the wooden cabinet that held the refrigerator and the microwave while both remained inside then crawled behind it to plug it in.

Dagny Calling me a Nasty Name

She then discovered that I was documenting her monumental struggle because the cord was too short for both her to reach and plug it in yet she persisted to fight the battle to assist in dinner preparation. She burst out laughing and called me a nasty name when she caught me photographing her efforts. She’s lucky shes my daughter and I have a sense of humor otherwise I would have posted a more unflattering picture.

The microwave started nuking the rice with a 6 minute and 36 second cooking time and could not be reset. Dagny’s solution was let it cook, open the door at 5 minutes and 6 seconds and take out the rice. The microwave from hell cooked the rice but kept on randomly beeping and making weird noise whether the door was open or not until Dagny unplugged the machine.

Smiling with Pride over her Epic Battle

I am not sure if the whimsical smile while serving the rice was because of winning her epic battle with the Ghost Microwave from Hell or because she was having fun cooking with her Father. I certainly hope it was the latter.

Rice & Thai Flavored chicken with Peppers and Onions


For chicken

1 lb Chicken cut into small pieces

2-3 cloves of garlic

1 tsp Thai chili paste

2-4 packets Hotel Salt to taste

1 tbsp Soy sauce

2 packets hotel sugar (tsp)

1 tbsp olive oil

For veggies

3/4 pound sliced Peppers and Onions Fajita mix

For Rice

1 package microwave white rice

Now right from the start, I knew my cooking utensils were limited to an undersized coffeepot that cuts off in an hour and a crock pot with hot walls and a cold bottom so I decided to use both tools, with the coffeepot doing the cooking and the Crockpot doing the holding. If I had a larger coffeepot, I would have used that alone.

The procedure was straight forward for a cook who understands food processing. The chicken was blanched by adding sliced raw chicken and salt to the coffeepot and water to the coffeemaker. As the water perked, it took the heat up to 175 right away. The very moist chicken was placed in the Crockpot on warm (160 Fahrenheit) and held until all of the rest of the ingredients were combined in the coffeepot and heated until the garlic was glazed. The sauce was then added to the chicken and stirred until the chicken was thoroughly coated.

Chicken Coated with Sauce

The vegetables were added on top of the chicken and not mixed, Dagny and I went for our walk and then we stopped so I could have a couple of beers and be bad. After all, it was two days after surgery.

Dinner is Served

We ate the meal and her comment was the same as usual. It’s good and I could even pick up a woman by cooking her dinner (She knows I do.). But I still have to shake the weird factor of cooking in my coffeepot if I want anybody to really follow my recipes.

Actually Dagny, I’m working on it and may have a solution.

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3 Responses to “Thai Won On – La Quinta Style”

  1. Tes Says:

    I could never survive cooking in the hotel room with so limited equibments! You guys are so fun and creative. Dagny, you are so genious! Rice and Stir fried chicken looks amazing. I’m so glad you like it. This post really puts the smile on my face 🙂

  2. Poppa John Says:

    Thanks – it was a good meal and I am just getting tired of the same old ingredients so I will try a few more including the Indian Recipes.

  3. Tes’ Beef Noodle Soup « Coffee Pot Cooking Says:

    […] first shot at Thai was with Dagny in a hotel room where we did a stir dry chicken in my coffeepot which was quite good. My next shot was a chicken […]

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