Anybody Can Cook Spaghetti and Meatballs


Angel Hair Pasta and Meatballs

When you start cooking,  it is best to start  with a simple meal anybody can cook and one of the simplest is Spaghetti and Meatballs. Since my youth, there has been vast improvement in the flavor of prepared foods and reductions in cooking time. Making an excellent Tomato sauce was once an all day job, while making meatballs was a messy, time consuming, pain in the rear and only the pasta was good off the shelf. Today a great meal can be made with off the shelf items and a little attention to the details.

I prepared the above “meal for one” in a hurry but still wanted something good to eat. I had leftover Italian Red Sauce which was reheated on the stove top and was originally Bertolli which is a reasonably good brand that you could serve to Italian friends and get away with it. The meatballs are from the freezer and since I was in a hurry, I microwaved them following the directions on the bag before adding them to the sauce. The sauce would take two hours to reach cooking temperature in the coffeepot but took a lot less on the stove top.

I added more basil to the sauce when I first made it because I like the flavor and it grows in an herb garden outside my house. I also added additional garlic for a richer flavor and aroma, These adjustments introduced a personal factor and make the sauce “mine”. Now that my daughter has suggested I shake the weird factor of the coffeepot and use more normal appliances in cooking, I could use my new small Crockpot, just for the presentation value especially if I have more than two hours to cook the sauce and the time to watch it and stir it away from the heated walls.

The pasta is angel hair but I also like tortellini, gemelli and many more which if you pay attention and follow the directions on the package, all turn out fine.

After a month in America, I owe a few people a favor when I get back home and I’ll probably cook them a meal. I’ll use my new Crockpot for the Tomato Sauce which should be OK because all it has to do is keep everything hot until it is being served. The pasta, I’ll cook on the stove top.

Good solid food without the weird factor but also more than enough for a few people. If I use the small Crockpot just for me, I’ll either end up with leftovers or eat the whole pot. The truth when it comes to eating is;

My will power to eat is still stronger than my won’t power to stop.

My urge to be morbidly obese is still strong as I have never been repulsed by Jabba the Hutt as a role model.


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