La Quinta Fondue Stew


Finished Stew in Fondue Pot

Everybody loves a new toy and mine is my fondue pot. I purchased it specifically for sous vide but noticed that the temperature is controllable from about 125 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit which is an extremely wide range. It goes from sous vide lamb to wok temperatures and has a beautiful shape for stir fry in addition to being deep enough for sous vide. I noticed the versatility right away and decided to test it out while in my hotel room in Florida.

Of course one of my simplest recipes was the hobo stem with available, and in this case very limited ingredients. It was raining too hard to walk to a restaurant and flooding too much to safely drive so it was time to make do. I had a left over piece of London broil from a sous vide experiment, celery, garlic, carrots and potato. I had restaurant salt and pepper and a small jar of olive oil. I didn’t even have an onion but if I had one I certainly would have used it. Ditto for flower to thicken the rather acceptable “ditch gravy”.


2 Tablespoons Olive oil

2 cloves garlic sliced

½ pound London Broil cubed in to 1 inch pieces

1 stalk celery diced

1 potato diced

handful of baby carrots

3 packts hote4l salt

3 packets hotel pepper

water to simmer

dash of soy sauce

Browning the Meat

The heating element on the fondue is powerful so above 300 the oil splattered as the meat and garlic browned. I finally settled around 250 to brown the meat which is definitely a task I can’t do in my coffeepot.

The Stew is Cooking

After the meat and garlic were browned all of the vegetables were added with about a cup of water and simmered with a lid for about 40 minutes at 212.

The plate used to cover the pot was removed and some of the water evaporated as it boiled. Salt and pepper and soy sauce were added to the pot. Total cooking time was right about 1 hour.

Well it looks like I finally found a new useful tool in cooking rightsized meals for one without dirtying ever pot in the house. This thing is Teflon coated and very easy to clean. I never owned a wok so don’t know what I will be missing as I try another Thai meal in my new toy.

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