Rasta Pasta – Final Version!


Vegan Rasta Pasta

Good, better, best, never let it rest, until the good get better, and the better best. Rasta Pasta 1.2 is my favorite and final version of vegetarian Rasta Pasta, but since Chicken is an authentic ingredient in some Caribbean recipes, I will probably try a chicken version called 2.0 but for now version 1.2 is excellent, tasty, hearty and vegetarian.

In my new lifestyle, I probably eat vegetarian dinners about 3 times a week but start everyday with a piece of fruit to get my sugar levels up in addition to some high protein fish like a 3 oz tin of tuna or a can of sardines. In addition, I take my multi-vitamin to insure I have everything I need for the Day. I take milkweed thistle to counter the effects of the wine the night before and I Take a fish oil Omega 3 capsule that I am happy some fish sacrificed his oil for me. By 9 am, I have consumed everything I need for the day to insure I hit the ground running with a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Essentially this version of Rasta Pasta is the same as version 1.1 with the further elimination of yellow peppers to reduce both the cost and the bell pepper taste. The replacement yellow vegetable is summer squash.



1 tablespoon Olive Oil

2 cloves garlic minced

1 onion rough cut

1 thin slice scotch bonnet pepper

1 yellow summer squash sliced

1 green bell pepper

1 can 14.5 oz. diced organic tomatoes

1 can 8 oz tomato sauce

1 sprig basil

¼ tsp oregano

1-2 oz dry sherry

salt to taste

Onions, Green Bell Peppers and Squash

This is an all in the pot meal where I sauteed the hot scotch bonnet pepper, garlic and onion in the olive oil for about ½ hour and then the rest of the ingredients were added to the pot and left to simmer for about 5 hours or until the peppers are soft.

Green Basil on Red Sause - Beautiful Food

I love the appearance of fresh basil on red sauce.

Rasta Pasta Topped with Cheese

The introductory picture is the vegan meal but once again, I enjoy mine with cheese as shown.


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4 Responses to “Rasta Pasta – Final Version!”

  1. monicasawhney Says:

    love the name lol, looks yummy too 🙂



  2. CultureChoc2010 Says:

    I think it’s incredible that you made this in a coffee pot!

  3. Poppa John Says:

    The name comes from my young friend Jerlyn who loves to eat and takes and posts food pictures on a regular basis. I loved the name not could find a really great recipe so I started playing.

    As to using the coffepot, it is both tough and boring making “meals for one.” You have to scale down the recipe and find a right sized pot and I hate cleaning more than one pot. Anything you can do in a crockpot or a pot on the back of a wood burning stove you can do in a coffeepot.

    I am now even happier as I found a right sized fondue pot that has a temperature range of 125 to 400 and its reasonable accurate.

    Playing with the creative side of making meals for one has kept me on my diet and I am down 50 pounds although still probably weigh 30 pounds too much.

    Thanks for stopping bye.

  4. Cooking Adventures with my Grandaughters! « Too Young To Be Old! Says:

    […] smash hit was Rasta Pasta which has summer squash and green bell peppers and I used Wacky Mac veggie pasta. When I described […]

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