Goya Oh Boya! It’s Black Beans and White Rice


Black Beans Over White Rice

Goya is a family owned global food processor who was started by a Spanish Couple in New York to Serve the Hispanic Market. There pledge is if it’s Goya , its has to be good. They have an interesting web site with hundreds of authentic Hispanic Recipes serving all of Latin America and the Caribbean supporting the sales of their 1500 products.

Now there is tremendous variation in Hispanic cooking. As an example, the Dominican Republic is only 40 miles from it’s neighbor Puerto Rico and many families are related. Yet, in the Dominican Republic raw fish marinated in lime juice is an appetizer and in Puerto Rico, a starving man would pass it up preferring the cooked marinated variety.

When I brought my bag of black beans for the Caribbean Black Bean Soup I made note of the fact that I had never eaten or been served it in St. Croix, but still liked it as I like Black Beans. Goya has recipes on the package and most are quite good. The recipe on the package was for black beans and white rice which I had also never eaten in St. Croix but a friend gave me the answer. When he asked what I was making and I told him he responded that I was cooking Cuban Style as Puerto Ricans prefer and mostly use red beans.

Most Goya recipes are authentic and quite good, but I still had to make the substitutions and additions that my friend Chino would have made, I added a bay leaf which grows in my yard, and also added cubed ham. I used a slice of locally grown hot pepper instead of black pepper, Cruzan Dark Rum instead of cooking wine and chicken broth instead of water. It contributed to a very rich rice and beans and a complete one pot meal. I also substituted Recaito for the peppers and onion because I was too lazy to go out shopping for bell peppers and had all the other ingredients.

Black Beans and White Rice


1 cup Died black beans (Soak over night in 2 cups water,

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

¼ cup Recaito ( A natural blend of Peppers and onions)

1 clove Garlic minced

¼ tsp Oragano

1 Bay leaf

1 thin slice of hot pepper

4 oz. Cubed ham

1 packet Sazon Goya

1 can 14.5 oz Chicken Broth

1 oz Cruzan DarkRum

In this preparation I used my fondue pot and had it on the 200 setting which was actually a simmer setting.

The oil, garlic, Recaito, Ham, hot pepper and spices were added to the pot and simmered until uniform.

All in the Pot

The chicken broth and rum were added to the pot and the slice of hot pepper removed and discarded as the ham had already adsorbed enough pepper flavor. The washed and drained beans were added to the pot and the meal allowed to simmer until the liquid was almost completely gone and the ham and beans had adsorbed all the flavors about 3 1/2 hours.

3.5 Hour Reduction of Liquids

I loved my black beans and white rice just as I love my red beans and rice which I cooked a couple of weeks ago with chicken,

Black Beans and Turkey Ham

I tried this same recipe in my coffeepot and there was no reduction in liquid level so the beans and ham did not carry all the flavor when drained of the sauce. I saved the meal by serving the drained beans and ham over seasoned white rice and wild rice blend. My new found fondue pot certainly expands my ability to make flavorful meals for one at almost any temperature.


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