Turkey Stew


Turkey Stew

My friend Chino was the one who taught me you could stew anything and he did. Dolores made Irish stew from Beef and sometimes Lambs. Chino made Caribbean style red stew from oxtail, chicken, goat, pork and Turkey. I got fat because I loved and ate all of it although as regular readers might notice, I am not a big fan of beef on an everyday basis. Now since both have died, I often think of them when I cook and a few times I have crossed over and Stewed Turkey in an Irish Style Stew.

The recipe is straight forward. With typical Irish Stew ingredients except turkey is the meat.



4 oz. Turkey

Medium Onion



Celery Stalk


½ Tablespoon parsley

½ Tsp thyme

½ Tsp rosemary

salt and pepper to taste

1 Tablespoon flour or cornstarch to thicken

1 oz. Rum

Chef Magic (Optional)

The cubed potato and ½ tsp salt were placed in the coffeepot and 10 cups water run through the coffeemaker. They were left on the hot plate for 30 minutes.

Blanch the Potatoes

The Garlic and Onions were prepared during this time and then they were sautéed in olive oil with the turkey steaks for 20 minutes and and then the rum was added to the pot.

Prepare the Garlic and Onion

Meanwhile the celery and carrots were prepared and added to the pot topped off by the potatoes and spices.

Carrots and Celery Cut to Size

About half hour later enough water to just cover the solids was added to the pot and the stew was allowed to cook for about 5 hours. The aluminum foil was removed for about an hour to let the alcohol evaporate.

Everything Steaming in Rum Vapors

The liquid was decanted to a bowl and the flour or cornstarch added and blend until uniform. I used a whisk but a fork could have been used. If the darker color is desired, chef magic can be used. The liquid is returned to the pot and allowed to thicken for about an hour. If you used cornstarch it will thin out if you let it remain hot for too long. Flour is more heat stable but cornstarch is easier to blend into the liquid.

Turkey Soup

The rich white stew (top) was thickened with flour flour and the darker more soup like liquid was cornstarch and chef magic. The darker stew was too thick after an hour but thinned out to soup in 2 hours, Both were good whether soup or stew.


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