Egg Salad Sandwiches are not Terrible and they Taste Good.


I found out a long time ago that if I have to do paperwork, I should drink coffee as it slows down my ADHD and allows me to focus on mental instead of physical activity. I also walk away from my desk and snack. Over the long haul I can gain tremendous amounts of weight when I am a dedicated desk jokey.

Egg Salad on Wheat Bread with Pepper and Paprika

Yesterday, I snacked on carrots, celery and my 3 oz can of tuna fish during the course of the day and drove around to do errands at the various government agencies whenever I needed a break. I also skipped exercise because I just didn’t feel like it. For dinner, I hard boiled three eggs and made an egg salad sandwich on titty bread. I just had to load up on my fat, carbs and cholesterol. The diet Gods rewarded me by dropping a pound to 191.

Actually, I suspect it might be that my snacks are much healthier than they used to be and perhaps a little dehydration because when I don’t exercise, I don’t drink a lot of fluids other than my daily bottle of red wine and enough coffee to slow me down.

The last time I did egg salad was last year so I am not too stressed about overloading on fat, carbs and cholesterol as the total meal comes in at 1000 calories and as pointed out in that post, the new evidence suggests that eggs in moderation are not unhealthy. Besides as pointed out in that post, the total meal is cheep costing less than $1.50.

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