I Do Have a Stove Which is Why I Need My Coffeepot.


Stove Top Cooking

Old habits are hard to break. Of course I have a stove as a matter of fact 2 but when cooking on a stove top, the meal is usually started when I am hungry and after a owning a few restaurants and family gatherings, I have a collection of super-size pots and darn few small ones. But my lack of will power occasionally forces me to use a stove because there are meals that will not work in either the coffeepot or fondue pot.

Regular readers know that whenever I get a craving I indulge it just like a normal human being. I am not on a prohibitively strict diet with dos and do nots. What I am trying to accomplish is a lifestyle change where I live and get healthy eating portioned controlled meals but occasionally bad habits rule the day.

I had a craving for ravioli so I purchased some frozen ones in a 24 ounce bag for about $8 which I thought was outrageous and I had some leftover homemade sauce in the refrigerator. All day long I dreamed about the meal so I reheated the sauce and divided the bag in thirds without thinking. Of course the meal fit on the 11 inch plates and I ate all that I had cooked without thinking that 8 ounces of pasta is like eating half a loaf of bread. When I checked the bag, it said it serves 5 so without thinking I had eaten almost two portions.

And their in lies the problem with me cooking on the stove top when I am hungry. I simply cook and eat too much so I get fat. While one day’s indulgence may foretell the end of a diet, it doesn’t destroy a lifestyle change because good habits are also hard to break. The next few days I was back to coffeepot cooking to reinforce my portion controlled meals.

Ravioli and Sauce

There really is no recipe except reheat the sauce, boil salted water and cook the frozen ravioli for as long as it says. Serve with the heated sauce. I had a women last night tell me she can’t cook and that her boyfriend cooks every meal. She’s lucky because I think I told her there is a huge difference between”can’t cook” and “wont cook” but since she was attractive, young and alone, I did offer to cook a meal for her and she accepted. Too bad, I will be occupied with family for the next month.

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