Good Egg, Bad Egg!!!


Good Egg- Bad Egg

Over the years, people have always wondered and worried about what makes a child a good egg or a bad egg and I believe I have finally figured out the answer to this riddle which is of course the last sentence in this post. About a week ago on there was a post on “Devilishly Good Hummus Eggs” and the recipe was simple enough; hard boil eggs, remove the yoke and set aside. then fill the hard boiled egg shell with hummus. Now I am a hummus fan and order it by choice for brunch at my favorite St. Croix Hotel, The Palms, so making and using leftover hummus is really not an issue.

However, I was curios as to which deviled egg unsuspecting vegetarian friends would chose to eat. So naturally, I made both the “Devilishly Good Hummus Eggs” and the more traditional but still vegetarian “Deviled Egg” and served them off the same plates. Now I have to admit that this was not a scientific experiment because it would have taken a minimum of 30 vegetarians to make that point, but humorously the traditional Deviled Egg won two to one and it was only after the Deviled eggs were gone that the Hummus Eggs disappeared. Of course most vegetarians are slim so not terribly worried about extra calories or cholesterol in traditional Deviled Eggs.


4 eggs hard boiled

2 T. Mayonnaise

1 T French’s yellow mustard

1 tsp sweet green relish

1 tsp onion minced fine

½ tsp horseradish

salt & pepper to taste

garnish with paprika


  1. Hard boil and peal 4 eggs.

    Cut hard boiled eggs in half and take out yokes

  2. Cut in half and mash the egg yokes with a fork.

    Mash egg yokes with fork

  3. Mix the rest of the ingredients in a second bowl.

    Condiment mix

  4. Add the condiments to the mashed egg yoke until moist enough for you.
  5. If necessary, mix more and if desired blend in blender.
  6. When the desired yoke consistency is reached fill white shell with yoke mixture
  7. Garnish with paprika
  8. Place on plate with “Devilishly Good Hummus Eggs” and serve

Since eggs are intrinsically good for you, the only difference between a good egg and a bad egg would appear to be the condiments they keep and as most accept too much Mayonnaise is bad, then traditional deviled eggs must be bad. Oh well???

As to the yokes that are set aside, read the post entitled “An egg to die for” and you will find out how I used them up.


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One Response to “Good Egg, Bad Egg!!!”

  1. Poppa John Says:

    This made foodpress in three categories and is still up in one.

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