Rotini Dolores


An Absolutely Delightful Vegi - Combo!!!

When it came to Italian food, Dolores did everything to make me a fan just as she did for other friends and family. From Calabrese in the toe of the Italian Boot to the Hills of Tuscany in the north, she loved it all. It simply didn’t matter that her family was from Naples as Italian was Italian.

Other than Italian Foods, Dolores loved streak. So when the Palms offered a streak in Gorgonzola sauce over fettuccine, I had to try it out of love and remembrance for Dolores. She loved the combination of Steak and Gorgonzola cheese which first appeared on local menu’s about 10 years ago and would order it every chance she got. While I would hardly ever order steak when out, I had eaten some of Dolores’ leftovers and have to agree it was a pretty good combination.

The Palm’s Gorgonzola and Sirloin Tips was excellent, the meat was cooked to perfection, very tender and moist, and the creamy white sauce had red onion pieces and mushrooms with a rich cheesy flavor. My date for the evening suggested that she would probably like it without the beef and the flavors were so delicious, I really could see that the beef was not necessary and his would make a fantastic Vegetarian meal.

Since the only white sauce I had cooked in the past year was the Penne with Cauliflower which was excellent, I decided to use that as a starting point and leave the meat out. The red onion and sirloin tips added some color to the original meal, but I wanted more. I decided to serve it over tri-colored rotini to make it prettier when served and also because the unique shape of rotini holds more sauce.


2 cups low fat milk

1 bay leaf

2 T. butter

2 T. cup flower

½ tsp salt

¼ tsp black or white pepper freshly ground

½ cup grated Parmesan cheese

¼ cup crumbled Gorgonzola

1 small red onion rough cut and flaked

1 small can mushrooms


Obviously this will work well in one of the modern bottom heated crockpots with a low temperature setting about 170 Fahrenheit.

  1. Mix the flower and butter together with the back side of a fork until a smooth past is formed let sit at room temperature.

    Make the Cold Rue

  2. Put the milk in the coffee pot with the bay leaf and let come to temperature about 2 hours.

    Bay and Milk in Pot

  3. Remove the bay leaf and stir in the rue, the sauce will thicken right away. Be careful when stirring in the rue and the cheese. I used a fork to transfer the rue to the pot and a whisk to stir so as not to crack the glass pot.

    Mix in Rue with a Whisk

  4. Add the cheese and stir in the pot. When all is smooth, add the mushrooms and onions to the pot and gently stir until uniform. I use a plastic spoon.

    Stir in Mushrooms and Onions

Serve over pasta and don’t worry if you have to hold it a few hours, just dilute with a little more milk if it thickens too much. No burning, scalding or separating will occur even when you microwave the leftovers.

I smile as I write and cook this meal because I know that Dolores would love it and eat it as prepared the first time and after that she would add leftover steak or some pan seared tenderloin tips to her portion of this delightful vegetarian meal. And after 43 years of marriage why would I waste a second arguing. Meat or no meat, to each his/her own.

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