The Peoples Choice – A Bakers Dozen of Top Recipes


Picture Perfect Borscht

I picked up on a cute idea from where The Teacher Cooks Posted her Top 10 for 2010. About half of her top posts are deserts and it’s important to know what people expect from you.  I taught marketing for ten years and one concept I stressed is sell to success. If  you have something that people like, keep making and doing more of the same because you become the “go to person” for that item.  In my case Vegetarian, Side Dishes and Caribbean (Puerto Rican) recipes are the most frequent, but some experiments with sous vide cooking are also very popular.

For me this is positive feedback as I just started meatless days in the past year and plan on more in 2010 so I am glad to see that sharing them will be rewarding and on days when I eat meat there is nothing more flavorful than Caribbean foods.

A bakers dozen of course refers to the number 13, and yes I am old enough to remember the baker throwing the extra one in the bag but now that we have big chain markets selling everything, I am not sure of the last time I heard the phrase or got an extra roll thrown in for good measure.

#13, Lamb Curry or Curried Lamb?

#12, Picture Perfect Borscht Tastes Good Too!

#11, Indian Curried Shrimp

#10,  Caribbean Black Bean Soup (vegetarian)

#9,  Pinto Bean Curry (Rajma Chawal) – A Tribute to Monica

#8,  Smoked Turkey and Collard Greens

#7, Puerto Rican Style Red Beans and Rice

#6,  Coffee Pot – Pot Roasted Chicken!!

#5,  Is it “Coq au Vert” or “Poulet au Vert”?

#4,  Salad, a Work of Art?

#3,  Lamb Sous Vide – La Quinta Motel

#2,  Sous Vide Ribs – Nothing Better

#1,  Puerto Rican Rice and Pigeon Peas (Arroz con Gandules)

The picture of Borscht is my favorite picture for the year and that’s why it accompanies this post.


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One Response to “The Peoples Choice – A Bakers Dozen of Top Recipes”

  1. theteachercooks Says:

    I like the pic of the Borscht, too!

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