Good Salad – Bad Salad!!!


Good Salad - Bad Salad???

It seems that a lot of people want to be immortal and are searching for a fountain of youth and many are finding it in their own way. Not so amazing, once they find it, they post the story on the internet and try to cash in on their discovery. Obviously, I am not opposed to that as I have made good money in the service industry for the past 15 years. However, I can’t believe that my genetics will adapt overnight to place my body in harmony with these new discoveries.

I tend to accept that anything that your grandparent or mine ate and drank in moderation will not kill me. Historically, man had a life expectancy of 33 years from mitochondrial Eve 200,000 years ago until about 1850 when things began to change. It wasn’t fire, housing the arts or a zest for life that led to people living longer. It was good old fashioned improvements in personal hygiene and public health.

From 1860 to 1910, life expectancy grew by about 10 years as Doctors learned to clean there hands and cities cleared the sewage and garbage off the streets. Life expectancy grew by a very big 20 years between 1910 and 1960 where we reached the biblical age of three score and ten. That was the era of sulfa drugs and improved antibiotics plus a continued focus on personal hygiene. Since the advent of infomercials about diets and exercise machines we have added 10 more years to our life but I would be hard pressed to give all the credit to exercise machines and weird diets with the advances in medicine and care for the aged that has taken place.

So given that I am a skeptic, how could one salad possibly be better than the other when both salads had about the same amount of ingredients including the olives and pepperoncini, they both had about 5 ounces of meat and the both used locally grown and very fresh arugula, tomatoes and cucumbers. The first salad I called Emperor’s Salad and first made last winter when tomatoes cucumbers and arugula were abundant and the meat is a sous vide Turkey Confit made from 5 ounces of steak cut from a turkey leg. I thought it was fantastic and healthy a year ago so I made it again this week.

I believe firmly in seasonal eating especially when it comes to tomatoes, cucumbers and arugula and will eat it every night in every way including BLT’s. The second salad is based on canned tuna with the rest of the salad ingredients being the same.

Bad Salad - Good Salad???

The tuna salad is simple to make and you just stir the following ingredients in a bowl and use a mold to fix the shape. The topping is 1 tablespoon of horseradish.


1 can (5 ounces) of tuna in water well drained

1 Tablespoon of soy sauce

½ tsp fish oil (optional but it does add a lot of flavor)

Both salads have about 500 calories but because of the soy sauce and fish oil, the tuna salad had about 50% of my salt requirement for the day. Since that was my only salt for the day it turned out to not be a factor. So which Salad is the truly healthy one?

If you put your trust in the Inflammation Factor, the Turkey Salad is wickedly inflammatory and the Tuna Salad is soothing. Funny thing a cold front came through paradise the day I ate the Tuna Salad, my arthritis kicked up and if I didn’t know better and attributed my pain to the food I ate, I would have to conclude that the Turkey Salad was better for me. Oh well, one more reason I eat what I want in moderation.

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4 Responses to “Good Salad – Bad Salad!!!”

  1. uforicfood Says:

    Hi there
    I certainly agree with all your skepticism about living longer … that’s for sure!
    Enjoyed your thoughts 🙂

  2. megasmalls Says:

    Looking great with the portion control! Maybe you can give my dad (also named John) a few tips! Happy Eating!

    • Poppa John Says:

      I finally organized all my posts on cooking and eating portioned controlled meals. I hate to tell you this, his diet is more about you than him. Stodgy old men are set in their ways and really don’t see a need to change unless guided by a loving daughter.

      My story starts here and there are three links to progress along the way based on Blog entries. For me, my method was simple, silly and successful. But I am such a social animal, I am sure I never would have discovered it if my wife was still alive as we loved each others company and had our cocktails and dinner together every night and quite often a hug brunch in addition.

      Who knows? Print the page out along with the associated posts and give it to dad. Maybe he’ll be inspired to live a little longer and play with his grandchildren. That and my Daughters love is worth all the effort, I have put into losing 65 pounds.

  3. saminacooks Says:

    Beautiful presentation! Love your post!

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