You Have To Be Sick To Eat Spam!


Spam and Sweet Potato

I never can remember whether I am supposed to feed a fever and starve a cold or the opposite. As I write this, I did my little fact checking thing and was happy to find it’s the opposite, because I tend to eat when I get hungry and even though I have a miserable cold, I was hungry last night. Now the question arises as to what to eat and frankly this miserable cold has broken my desire to be creative in my kitchen.

Before the cold hit I had planned a few meals that I wanted to do but they all took some planning and focus which seemed to be lacking right now because of my cold. All of the ingredients on hand were for meals that should have been started much earlier in the day with a little planning and foresight. I had a sweet potato but no charcoal to cook out and nothing as the main dish until I remembered my Hurricane Supplies which are canned meats held for use during a disaster when food supplies are rapidly depleted because of damage to the infrastructure.

For no particular reason, I chose a can of spam and cut off two slices and froze the rest. I am not particularly a fan of Spam, but in an emergency, I will eat whatever was at hand and I am not sure why my sick body was craving spam. I am sure it wasn’t because my four ounce portion only had 360 calories with 83 percent of those calories coming from the fat content. Unbelievably, the four ounce portion had two thirds of my salt need for the day and one quarter of my cholesterol need if there is such a thing.

Well, I set about cooking it in the healthiest way I could think of which was putting it on a duck rack and cooking out the fat at 350 Fahrenheit while baking the potato. Of course, after rendering out the fat, the remaining protein was light as a feather and sort of tasteless, so I put some barbecue sauce on and it tasted jut like a limp potato chip with barbecue sauce. Oh well it was food and it filled me up.

Thought for the day:

The concept of “Healthy Spam” has to be the supreme example of an oxymoron.


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