Coffeepot Cooking – Easy and Delicious!


Pasta and Turkey Meatballs

Tonight was a typical night of coffeepot cooking . I was just a little too lazy to do anything else so I got some cheap sauce and the thing that most of these sauces lack are the spices because they are the most expensive ingredient.

No problem!

I went outside and picked a fresh bay leaf, fresh basil and fresh oregano. I put them in the pot and poured sauce on top. I microwaved 3 turkey meatballs (3 minutes) and added them to the pot and went and took a shower. The amount I cooked was too small for a crockpot and I still didn’t have to watch the stove.

I did have to boil a pot of water to make the pasta, because the only pasta that works well in the coffeepot is angle hair and I didn’t have any. For those of you trying to do this in a coffeepot who still want advice, here is the original post.

I plan on being creative mañana but we will see whether that means tomorrow or just some day in the future.

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