Bangers and Beans – Just for the fun of it!


Bangers and Beans

When I was in London, my son insisted I try the fairly traditional “Bangers and Beans” for breakfast. I thought both were incredibly bland but in defense of English Food, he said that the bangers (sausage) ranged from something near a hot dog to incredibly spicy wild boar sausages. They even have veggie bangers. The beans have just as broad a range and I suggested the basic breakfast beans we ate were close to Campbell’s pink beans right from the can.

Given the broad range of ingredients, I figured I could use just about any sausage and any beans and still be entitled to the cool name. Of course with an American accent, I served my Banger with ketchup, mustard and onions on a whole wheat roll.

Bangers and Beans


Sausage ( I used Turkey Kielbasa)

Beans (Bush’s original baked beans)
1 tsp mustard added to beans

1 T ketchup or barbecue sauce added to beans.

1 small diced onion


  1. Add beans, mustard, ketchup and ½ diced onion to the coffeepot. Mix until uniform.
  2. Add Turkey Kielbasa to the pot – or any other sausage you want to try.
  3. Cook for 2 – 4 hours. It will be done in 2 hours and still not yet over cooked in 4 hours.
  4. Typically American – Place sausage in roll and garnish with the rest of the onions, ketchup, mustard or relish.

This recipe begs for personal experimentation. What type of sausage? Bratwurst, Regular Kielbasa, or the humble hot dog. What type of Mustard? Spicy Brown, French’s or Dijon. What type of Beans? Pink, Baked or Red.

So simple to make but so many different ways to do it. When you first start cooking, experiment and have fun just like I do with my granddaughter. I have made other variations of this meal with my granddaughters but sometimes, I just like to act like a kid and do this on my own.


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