Stuffed Peppers Coffeepot Style!


Stuffed peppers and coleslaw.

When it comes to food, I simply can’t resist a bargain especially when I think about low bulk prices paid to farmers and the much higher price in the store. I am really not sure how much a farmer gets paid for red bell peppers but in our local stores they are generally around $5.00 per pound. So when I saw big beautiful Red Bell Peppers on sale for $1.69, I compulsively brought 2 having no idea what I was going to do with them.

My mother would have had no problem. She used to make fantastic stuffed bell peppers using raw rice. Whenever I tried to duplicate her recipe, I failed so I asked to watch her do it and finally understood. Her secret was essentially moisture control which is far easier when you are cooking for six instead of one or two and have the time to do it in an oven in a big roasting pan. I adapted her recipe and they came out perfect as I alson solved the problem of how to make great stuffed peppers in the coffeepot or crockpot. The secrete of my success is to start with cooked rice.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures. I have cooked this a few times since and because I was too lazy to post the recipe on line, I had to search for the recipe each time among the stacks of paper on my desk. While I have not been searching for new recipes as much as I should, I returned to coffeepotcooking to post this recipe and found my friend Monica from London has started publishing new recipes which I now want to try. It must be karma.

Also I have another new fish recipes that I want to post so I no longer have to search through scraps of paper plus the new ones from Monica that I will try, so will probably post them also. It really is easier at my age to search on line then to remember them or even hunt for scraps of paper. Besides in a sick sort of way, I get to haunt my children, niece, and grandchildren as the keep searching my site for recipes after I am long gone which I figure is about 30 years from now.

Mom’s Stuffed Peppers Coffeepot Style


Stuffing Ingredients:

1/3 to ½ pound ground beef

1 small onion diced

½ cup cooked rice (either white or brown)

4 oz. Tomato sauce (canned or Italian)

½ -1 tsp garlic salt

¼ tsp pepper

Additional Ingredients:

2 medium bell peppers (red or Green Look Best when cooked)

4-8 oz. Tomato sauce


1.Combine all the stuffing ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix until uniform.

Mixed ingredients

2.Cut tops off of peppers and stuff with mixture.

SWtuff the Peppers

3.Place in coffeepot

Stuffed Peppers in the Pot

4.Add additional sauce until just completely covered.

Cover with sauce

5.Cook covered with foil 4-8 hours until top is cooked.

Cook covered with Foil

6.Serve with rice or coleslaw.

Served with rice

This is one of those nostalgia meals that my Mom did quite well. In those days hamburger was actually cheap and peppers were free in summer. A can of Goya Tomato Sauce is still only 35 cents so I call that a real bargain for a good product.

End note: if you are really foolish enough to want to start wit uncooked rice, I would use 1/4 cup brown rice and 1/2 cup of water plus 1 T of water and cook 8-12 hours or essentially all day  I simply dont believe white rice will work unless it’s microwave rice or minute rice both of which are expensive.

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