Beautiful Stuffed Peppers


Beautiful Stuffed Red Peppers!

While getting my computer organized which is just another way of wasting time, I actually found a copy of the Stuffed Red Pepper served with mashed potatoes and sauce. It really was a beautiful meal fit for a king or at least this old man. There is no need to post a recipe as the following post is for Stuffed Green Peppers.

Meanwhile, I don’t know if Ill get back to writing more about food but I certainly enjoy the visitors to There were about 13,000 visitors last year and it seems that the most popular reason why visitors come is to learn about coffeepot cooking in general but there are many who come to find recipes for Puerto Rican food which I learned to cook from my friend Chino. Of course the disasters are all mine as Chino is no longer alive to give constructive criticism. (It might be better if you used cilantro instead of parsley.)

Chino was a very positive human being and the most negative thing he ever told me was “It”s alright.” Of course, I figured out that that was a very negative assessment and I should try again. However, when he said something was good or great he meant it and we used to trade foods we cooked on almost a daily basis.

Of course some of the recipes I intend to post in the future have Puerto Rican influences inspired by Chino and some have Italian Influences inspired by Dolores. Others come from my daughter who is an excellent cook with Caribbean roots. Oh and I would be rude to ignore Monica who has taught me to love Indian food which has a tremendous influence on all Caribbean foods.

Well, I will try to remain committed, at least until I publish the best of what I have been eating so that I don’t have to keep wasting time rooting through piles of paper recipes. I am not quite so manic about what I eat as I have learned to control my input to reasonable amounts and yes I achieved one goal last December of losing 100 pounds from my peak weight (265). I am now contented holding 172 plus or minus 4 pounds. As to exercise I like walking and do about 25 miles in a normal week and last Saturday walked a 26.4 mile Marathon in 10 hours and 15 minutes.

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2 Responses to “Beautiful Stuffed Peppers”

  1. bornagainpenguin Says:

    While I don’t leave comments often, I am always thrilled to see a new post by you. Sure I originally discovered the site by searching for recipes and weight loss via coffee pot cooking, but I think I speak for most of your readers when I say that I’d enjoy just about anything you care to post about. Don’t feel that you must restrict yourself to only the subject matter of the blog title.

    I’m sure you must have some good stories about your time as an engineer, or tales of some of the places you’ve visited over the years–feel free to share those also.

    A question about the recent posts, is it safe to use that much foil? How much is too much\too little? Is there a right way to wrap the pot?



    • Poppa John Says:

      Thanks for stopping by. To answer your question first, I only use the aluminum foil for two reasons, one is to retain moisture where I only use a small piece of foil to cover the top. The other I pretty much cover the whole pot if I want something to cook hotter or faster. From my experience, I’ve never had any problem and by measurement, the temperature never rises above 195 so it wont even boil water.

      As to your suggestion, my life is sort of focused on food and family and chasing women who are less than half my age. I know the audience for food is pretty much everybody on the internet, the audience to hear about me making a fool out of myself with dating young women should hopefully be low, and stories about children are like cute pet stories. Some people are fans and others hate them.

      I am checking over the content of my blog for the past three years and find there are a few stories about our family adventure but noting about the thrill of space camp, the joy of wearing an itchy neck brace for 4 months, the thrill of spine surgery or my 26 mile marathon last week. I will try to get back to that style, where life’s adventures are part of the meal because I really do live for family, fun and food and with my family all three are always combined.

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